New Year's Eve parties on yachts and luxury hotels in the AM costing up to R $ 18 one thousand

30/12/2014 03h07 - Updated 30/12/2014 03h08

Hotels offer stay and celebrations in special packages.
luxury yacht rental includes buffet and circuit beaches.

The end of the year arrived and traditionally not many options New Year's Eve celebrations around the world. No Amazon, luxury and jungle lodges offer diversified structure to attract the public. Among the alternatives for those who want to start 2015 closest to the nature, yachts are offered with rental values ​​reaching more than R $ 18 thousand at the turn of the year.
The G1 has prepared a list of hotels, offering celebrations for those who want luxury and refinement. The projects seek to offer advantages stays and services for the customer to solve toast the year 2015 the most sophisticated hotels in the state.

See the list of major hotels that will offer year-end packages:
packages: 01 daily: R $ 799 to R $ 2.433 per apartment; 02 daily: from R $ 1,236 to R $ 3.416 per apartment; 03 daily: R $ 1.673 to R $ 4.704 per apartment. The apartments are divided into Single Superior, Superior double, Superior Triple and Quadruple Superior, and accommodation for two children up to 12 Free incomplete years in the same room of the parents, paying only the Supper New Year's Eve.
Programming: Breakfast served in the hotel restaurant from 06h to 11h . Includes New Year's Eve dinner per person (with water, soda, beer, foaming to provide and Whisky 08 years).
Location: Avenida Coronel Teixeira, Ponta Negra neighborhood, Manaus.
Phone: 0800-7012670

packages: 01 daily: R$ 740 per person; 02 daily: R$ 1.480 per person; 03 daily: R$ 2.220 per person.
Programming: Transfer from Pier Hotel Tropical Manaus at 8 am and 15h. Accommodation in superior room with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Two tours per day, like walking in the jungle, fishing piranhas, dawn to watch the sunrise, rides in canoes and other. New Year's Eve dinner from 19h to 22h. New Year's Eve party starting 22h with fireworks on the beach.
Location: In the municipality of Iranduba, a 22 km from Manaus.
Phone: (92) 2121-5000

packages: 01 daily: R$ 900 per person in a single apartment and R $ 950 per person in double room. To pass only the party without hosting New Year's Eve: R$ 300.
Programming: New Year package starts at 9am the day 31 December and ends at 15h of January 1. It is included river shuttle round trip in the hotel boats, Breakfast, Breakfast in the hotel and New Year's supper from 20h to 00h. New Year's Eve party with theme 'Belle Epoque' with buffet in the main hall of the hotel, fireworks and local band. The package also includes a bottle of sparkling wine. The next day, the package offers tours of the surrounding beaches and leisure activities.

The hotel also offers luxurious vessels for lease at the end of year. The package includes fuel and Buffet for the turn of the year. No Iate, the script offers the fireworks on the beach of Ponta Negra and sunrise on a beach in the vicinity of the hotel. The limit is 40 passengers per vessel at the price of R $ 18,2 one thousand.
Location: The hotel is on a floating platform in the vicinity of Tupé Sustainable Development Reserve and the State of the Black Sector South River Park. Departing from Manaus by Pier Nature Tourism, end of the road of Ponta Negra.
Phone: (92) 3212-5610 / (92) 3212-5607

packages: 01 daily: from R $ 750 per apartment.
Programming: Entrada a partir de 12h do dia 31 December and departure at 17h of January 1. New Year's Eve supper for two with drinks included. Sparkling wine to toast the New Year. Space for children with monitors during supper.
Location: Avenida Mandi nº 4, Industrial district, Manaus.
Phone: (92) 2123-1211

packages: (01 daily) from R $ 342. Apartments in superior categories, Luxury and Business Class. It offers ease of paying two or more daily.
Programming: View traditional burning of Ponta Negra beach fires. Regional cuisine served in the hotel restaurant, which will run until 2 am on January 1, 2015.
For those who prefer a private party relizar, the hotel offers rooms with a privileged view to the Negro River, with included cocktail service.
Location: Avenida Coronel Teixeira, 1320, Ponta Negra.

Phone: (92) 3306-4500

packages: With special prices for New Year, the hotel offers single apartment for $ 227 and luxury apartment double by R $ 293. Packages include breakfast.
Programming: The hotel offers New Year's Eve dinner for guests and the general public. With several recreational areas as bar, restaurants, pool, 360 and coverage mini spa, guests can take advantage of the special offer for more than a daily, com lay check-out, which will allow the check-out up to 18h of January 1.
Location: Avenida Darcy Vargas, No 654, Chapada, Manaus.
Phone: (92) 3306-4700

packages: 4 daily in double chalet for R $ 3.308 per person.
Programming: The New Year Anavilhanas package includes dinner New Year's Eve, burning colorful fireworks without noise, party, open bar and live music. All located in the hotel, which is located in the middle of the Amazon forest.
Location: Anavilhanas National Park, which has distributed territories in the cities of Manaus, Iranduba and Novo Airão.
Phone: (92) 3622-8996, (92) 3365-1180

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