Congressman asks Supreme Court judge increased the number of judges TJ

28/05/2015 16h51 - Updated 28/05/2015 16h51
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Congressman José Ricardo Wendling (PT) He said on Thursday (28) We will ask the direct action of unconstitutionality (Adin) against the law authorizing the increase in the number of judges, of his own, It is handled in the Amazon Court (TJAM), be judged by the Supreme Court (STF), because the delay in the trial in the state judiciary sphere has been very great.

José Ricardo said it asked the Federal Prosecutor (MPF) to forward to the Supreme Court (STF) request for "avocation" of Adin, that is, the STF pull itself the decision on the increase or not the judges number in TJAM.

"The thesis is very clear, the very President of the Court, Graça Figueiredo federal judge and other judges have spoken against this increase ", said José Ricardo, arguing that the purpose is to prioritize the first instance. Besides that, there is a financial issue since the TJAM would risk deploy more vague and does not afford that. "The little recourse they have is for the purpose of ensuring more judges and staff to serve the population", concluded.

Congressman José Ricardo also addressed a popular demonstration that took place in the morning on Avenida Constantino Nery, where the residents of the neighborhood Presidente Vargas (Matinha), alagação the area under the influence of PROSAMIM, They took to the streets asking for government support, as well as help flood aid and urgency in implementing the project. For him, the government misses the first sending riot police against residents, before promoting dialogue and verify the demands that can be met.

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