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Project is enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the State.
01/05/2015 13h00 - Updated 1/05/2015 14h02
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The bill that limits the number of students in the classroom from public and private Amazon, authored by Mr José Ricardo Wendling (PT), It was promulgated yesterday (30) the plenary of the Legislative Assembly of the State (hazard). "Now it's law. A victory for the people, teachers and students, a victory for the education of the Amazon ", he declared, thanking the presidency of Aleam to hear his appeal to have legislation that will contribute to improving the quality of education Amazon.

Since the beginning of the year, José Ricardo had been charging the presidency of the Assembly to the promulgation of this project, which was filed on 2011 and approved by the majority of Members in February 2013. Since then, this project was the governor's sanction, at the time Omar Aziz, not sanctioned the filing, back to the Assembly for its enactment.

This new law, which is in line with the National Education Plan (PNE), It is based on the Federal Constitution, which provides in Article 206 the default guarantee quality of education; and the Law of Education Guidelines and Bases (LDB), determining in Articles 4 and 25 minimum standards of educational quality, as minor amounts, per student, of essential inputs to the development of teaching-learning process and proper relationship between the number of students and the teacher.

About the project

Schools of public and private work with Amazon, no maximum, 25 students per classroom, in the case of the 1st to 5th grade of elementary school; 30 stud./class, from 6th to 9th grade of elementary school; e 35 students, in the case of high school. "We will now follow the deadlines for schools to conform to the law, which is effective from the date of its publication in the Official State Gazette, but which has a term of five years for full compliance ", considered.

The Amazonas State Constitution states in Article 199 the state education system shall comply with the standard of quality assurance and income and, in the case of private education, setting the maximum number of students in the classroom, It can be extended to the public school system. In the State Plan for Education 2008 (No law 3.268) already provides that among the objectives and goals of maximum number 40 students, obeying the recommendations, at the time, the Ministry of Education, one square meter per student.

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