Swimming promise stands in the 2nd Circuit Amazonense

Luisa Marillac won three gold medals.
10/05/2015 07h00 - Updated 10/05/2015 11h38
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The Amazon Luisa Marillac Rocha Martins, 15, She won three gold medals in the 2nd Circuit Amazonense Mirim Swimming / Petiz and Alumni - trophies Thiago Tinoco and Mairo Ramos, held on Friday, 8 of May, and Saturday, 9, Pool of the Olympic Village of Manaus.

The athlete's Olympic Club began to shine on Friday, when he won the race the 800m free with a time of 10 minutes and 30 seconds. no Saturday, she won two more first places: in the 100m butterfly, that is their specialty, and 100m freestyle.

According to Amazonian Federation of Aquatic Sports (long), competition has 222 registered athletes, representing 10 clubs: The room, Pedro Nicolas Institute, water Amazon, Olympic, freestyle, athletic Sales, Jellyfish, Session, Dom Bosco and Sest.


Luisa Marillac athlete is benefited by Bolsa Athlete Program Manaus Prefecture, through Youth Municipal, Sports and leisure (Semjen). She also supported by Amazon Athletic Fit and literatus Education Center.

Besides that, the young promise of Amazonas swimming receives multidisciplinary follow-renowned professionals as Leonardo Corrêa (physiotherapist), Alessandra Barbosa (nutróloga), Carlos Feitosa (sports physician), Marcelo Gioia (osteopath) and Valberto Corrêa (personal trainer).

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