Anitta carries a fan to live in your home

A fan would have lived in Preta Gil house.
15/05/2015 07h03 - Updated 14/05/2015 23h45
Photo: Playback / Instagram

Source: MSN

You are a diehard fan of Anitta? So get ready to feel very jealous of Juliana de Paiva. The girl, anitter declared, He is living in the same house singer for the sweet invitation itself and abused. A intérprete do hit “On the beat”, inclusive, walking posting lots of pictures with the young 22 years. O “couple” It is gaining even shippers in social networks.

Juliana is born in Guadeloupe, next neighborhood Honorio Gurgel, where Anitta lived before stardom. The duo's friendship has drawn the attention of other admirers of Anitta. No Instagram, are several clicks on the two appear close to each other.

On Mother's Day, Juliana issued a message to the mother of Anitta. The powerful funk reciprocates the affection posing for pictures in the same girl bed. The star, just back from Japan and launch a webseries soon, even took the fan for wedding Preta Gil and Rodrigo Godoy, on Tuesday night (13).

Paiva Juliana also has lived with Black, after following diva nationwide. A source of the newspaper Extra account they turned away because “They had a fight”, but who have made peace. “Juliana began to run with Anitta at the end of last year. But she walked flinching before and was cut class”, has another source of publication. She has a tattoo with the autograph of Black arm… and made another in partnership with Anitta.

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