Manaus neighborhoods receive new infrastructure task force model

The action aims to meet the most urgent demands of a neighborhood within two days.
18/05/2015 07h00 - Updated 19/05/2015 09h57
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In a single day, Manaus Prefecture led infrastructure services for 24 Nations Park streets, Flores, Centro-Sul. The action is part of the new task force model adopted by the Municipal Infrastructure (Seminf), designed to meet the most urgent demands of a neighborhood within two days.

The work done at the Nations Park is the beginning of an action that will be extended to other districts of the city. "Every Friday we will be in a neighborhood with the full force of Seminf and all works effective from districts. Thereby, the problems on the streets of this town will be solved in one day ", said the municipal secretary of Infrastructure, Alexandre de Morais.

The new task force of city takes stopgap services and surface drainage - making channel, curb and gutters. altogether, 400 men will act on Fridays of each week in a specific neighborhood. The finishing service, according to the Secretary, can be completed on Saturday - should the need arise - at own district works serving the neighborhood.

"People will realize more strongly the presence of the city in the streets. Besides that, the results will be the community immediately senses, because we will be in several streets at the same time ", strengthened.

The Effective 400 men in a single neighborhood is a task force and a redoubled effort of the city to bring infrastructure services for the population.

In the Nations Park, effective was divided into 42 stopgap teams and 60 drain that worked in the main and secondary roads in the neighborhood. Besides that, 30 Machinery and Vehicles, as truck, roller compactor and compressor, mechanical shovel and backhoe were used in action. The district received, still, but of 600 tons of asphalt massa.

Special attention

In Argentina Street - one of the main neighborhood - the drainage service was enhanced with the installation of fluted over the crossings. The service, in the opinion of the residents, It was one of the most urgent for route.

Or merchant Pedro Costa, 43, He lives in the area for twenty years and says with satisfaction on the work done on the road. "The street gets heavy traffic of vehicles and therefore needs drainage so that the asphalt does not wear between intersections. Now, I believe this work will solve the problem ".

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