“Pacifier” arrested in Manaus

The young man was being investigated for authoring the murder occurred in March this year
26/05/2015 16h55 - Updated 27/05/2015 11h53
Photo: PC Release

Earlier on Tuesday, 26, the delegate Ivo Martins, holder of the Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping (Dehs), spoke, during a press conference held at the police unit, on the arrest of Igor Ysmarley Oporto Viana, 19, known as "Pacifier". The young man was being investigated for murder by André Teixeira Gonçalves, occurred on 14 March this year, in Tracuá Street, Community of Christ the King, Tarumã district, West zone. The victim had 39 years.

The arrest of Igor was carried out by military police company of the 20th Interactive Community (IDPF) yesterday morning, day 25, por volta the 10h, at his residence, located on the same street where it happened the murder of André. The garrison was driven by Igor's mother, after he and a brother, who had the identity preserved, initiate a discussion in the family home.

gor was conducted after 19 Integrated District Police (DIP) and place the civilian police found that there was a warrant for probation for aggravated murder in his name, represented by the holder delegate DEHS, Ivo Martins, and issued this year by Judge Mirza Telma de Oliveira Cunha, crowded the 1st jury Stick.

As the delegate Ivo Martins, Igor took, in testimony, the authorship of Andrew's murder and denied romantic involvement with the victim, he was gay. During the press conference the police authority explained the dynamic and motivation of the crime.

"Does the police investigation that the motivation of the crime was a debt of R $ 3 thousand that the victim had with Igor, that committed thefts and Andrew reselling objects obtained illegally. On crime, influenced by alcohol and drugs, the victim would have tried to strike knife blow to Igor. They fought wrestling and Igor ended up killing André throttled ", said Ivo Martins.

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