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The core must meet the students linked to the Bolsa University program.
21/05/2015 07h00 - Updated 26/05/2015 18h24
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During the launch of Employability and Career Center (NEC), this Wednesday (20), the Municipal Public Service School and Inclusion socioeducational (Espi), an agency of the Municipal Administration, Planning and management (Semad), launches tender notice for choosing the official Core logo, to facilitate the access of scholars to the market.

The goal of the contest, according to the chairperson of the Planning Espi / Semad and creator of NEC, Manoel Carlos, It is to generate movement among students, motivating them to participate in the initiative throughout its design. "Or goal [the cultural contest] It is to bring students [do NEC] so they know what is being formalized. And the proposal is that all students, independent of the area, can participate and feel part of their creation ", says.

The event of the notice does not define the degree course to which the competition is aimed, It is open to students from any field of knowledge. Registration can be made at Espi headquarters, period not 21 May the 22 of June, from 8:15 to 16h. "From the submission of tenders, there will be a jury [formed by the board of servers Espi and an independent designer] and will subsequently publish the result with the winner ", says Manoel Carlos.

The winner of the contest will take prize in the amount of R $ 300 and a certificate confirming their participation. The brand chosen by the judges will stamp all the graphic parts of Espi directed the activities of the Center and also will include the official school site. Further information about the cultural contest that will choose the brand of Employability and Career Center (NEC) They may be given in the announcement itself, which will be available for consultation on the site Espi.

The launching ceremony of the NEC was attended by the First Lady and municipal secretary of Women, Social Assistance and Human Rights (Semmasdh), Goreth Garcia Ribeiro, the general director of Espi, Luiza Bessa Rebelo, Municipal Administration Secretary, Planning and management, Gilmar Nascimento, and project partners, as the Municipal Secretary of Labor, entrepreneurship, Supply, Fairs and Markets (Semtef), David Reis, and the director of the National Employment System (Sine) In Manaus, Murilo Cunha.

Also present were representatives of six private companies that have joined as partners to the project, as well as students covered by the Exchange University, that they are aware of the main objectives of the Center. At the Espi, already there is a wall with information about vacancies, training courses aimed at vocational training and labor market, as well as events and lectures of interest to scholars.

At the time of launch, students have participated in the first official activity of NEC, with the lecture "How to guide your career", taught by a consultant Elaine Jinkings, which has more than 25 years of experience as an executive of large companies, example Brazil and Xerox Shell. Students interested in following the actions of NEC can check the news through social networks Espi and Bolsa University, in attendance of the School or by sites.

NEC partner list can still increase, since Espi remains open to partnership proposals for core activities. The School's headquarters is located at Avenida Professor Nilton Lins, 3259, block D, Parque das Laranjeiras, on the premises of the University Nilton Lins.

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