“I needed to live other loves”, says Leticia Spiller

Leticia talks about ending with Marcello Novaes.
18/05/2015 07h06 - Updated 18/05/2015 00h16
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Currently married to Lucas Loureiro, Leticia Spiller said he has never had many loves.

Preservation giving to your personal life and relationships, by the way, accompanies since the time he was married to Marcello Novaes.

“Presevo all my relations. A people [Leticia and Marcello] It was very immature […] With 21 years I was not ready for it [marriage with children]. And look, I was very mature for my age. I wanted to start a family ... I was never the girl peddling, I've never been to every day go out with a person, but I needed to live other things, other loves.”, He said in an interview with “The day”.

More beautiful than ever to 41 years old, the actress believes is in his best phase. No taboos when it comes to talking about the plastic that made the breasts, the blonde said she wanted a more smitten chest for finding beautiful the female body curves.

“I was too afraid to not be natural. I value the naturalness of the female body, I have so beautiful curves, I do not think that all pretty hard abs, defined. The woman reminds me of a more subtle movement, as water, that runs, bends. I chest and correçãozinha in eye bag. I took an excess of little eyelid and was it”, highlighted.

For the actress, she would not trade for anything Leticia Spiller to 41 years by Leticia Spiller to 30.

“look, I feel good. I half horinha after bathing to pass moisturizer and sunscreen because I have very white skin. I also use a cream for eye contour always after bathing. I think I'm more full, but more beautiful, do not know. I think the 30 years a beautiful woman stage. however, I did not think me so beautiful to 30. Now I am in my most natural. Even in my hair color.”

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