Fernandinho Beira-Mar is sentenced to 120 years in prison

Luiz Fernando da Costa tried on Wednesday angered the judge by speaking with irony.
14/05/2015 10h23 - Updated 14/05/2015 10h23
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Fernandinho is charged with the deaths of four prisoners of a rival criminal gang, during rebellion in Bangu prison 1, the complex Gericinó, in 2002. However, he denied having killed people and was warned several times by the judge for laughing while talking. Around 1:30 am Thursday, the judge read the sentence: the dealer was sentenced to more 120 years in prison – 30 for each of the four dead.

Maurício Neville, Beira-Mar attorney, He said it will appeal the decision to get a new trial for his client. Beira-Mar yet returned early on Thursday to the federal prison in Porto Velho, Rondônia.

During his testimony, Another complaint of the judge Fábio Uchôa was the fact that the defendant spread much during his explanation. “Let your defense your attorney will do”, said Uchôa. The defendant said he was nervous, so I was laughing all the time.

Of the six witnesses called, two for the defense of Beira-Mar and four by the state prosecutor, only one appeared, the dealer Celso Luis Rodrigues, known as the Celsinho Vintém Vila. Thereby, the other witnesses were dispensed. despite, in season, belonging to a rival faction of Beira-Mar, and be at the crime scene, Celso was spared, He informed the Extra. In his testimony, he defended himself from accusations of having betrayed his faction: "I did not betray my partner no, I am carrying this plague”, he said.

Beira-Mar was heard after Celsinho and, He took with him a role, where he made several notes during the witness's testimony. when he deposed, He said he used the paper to make some comments on contradictions against himself. Other dealers also respond by case, but the process was dismembered. The rebellion took place in the prison Laércio Pelegrino da Costa, known as Bangu 1, no dia 11 September 2002. In this ocasion, according to MP's accusation, a group of prisoners, led by Fernandinho Beira-Mar, They broke into the gallery where the rivals were and started the war and killings. In addition to EU, They were killed Carlos Alberto da Costa, the Goodbye Robertinho, Wanderlei Soares, the ear and Elpidio Rodrigues Sabino, had.

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