Tool uses information Facebook users to reveal location

27/05/2015 13h13 - Updated 27/05/2015 13h13
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A Cambridge student named Aran Khanna developed an extension for Chrome that lets how accurate is clear Facebook's tracking system. With her, you can create a map showing the exact locations of where your friends talk to you using Messenger.

Aran gave the extension name of Marauder's Map, a reference to "Marauder's Map" in the Harry Potter series. The map of history reveals all the steps of those who were at Hogwarts; if this extension, what is revealed are the footsteps of those in Facebook.

The tool gathers information obtained by the Messenger and put them in a user-friendly interface. Aran explains, in your blog, that coordinates Facebook have more than five decimal places of precision, allowing reveal the sender's location with lower fault one meter – gives to know, for example, if messages are sent from the room or the kitchen.

please note that, while Facebook encourages users to keep the system always on location, You can disable it through the privacy settings.

To download the extension, click on here.

Source: Digital Look

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