NET takes case of official harassment to the police

Company said that cases like Ana Prado usually do not reach the higher courts.
28/05/2015 17h04 - Updated 28/05/2015 17h08
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NET is considering creating a central complaints, after several cases of harassment of its employees were released yesterday, 27. She also asked that the case of client Ana Prado, who received inappropriate messages of an employee by WhatsApp, He was taken to the police.

The company said that cases like what happened with journalist Ana Prado usually do not reach the higher courts. That is why, the complaint and the criminal investigation would be important.

She also said it is investigating the fact, because "what happened is illegal, anyone can use enterprise data to make private contacts”.

After offering a package, an employee of NET added Ana on WhatsApp. After an inappropriate conversation, she reported the case on Facebook. In the comments of this post, told others who have lived similar situations.

The case had a huge impact - the posting received more than 12 Tanned thousand and 3 thousand shares.

In conversation with Ana Prado, the company said that "the whole board is meeting in this case. We are thinking of creating a channel only to receive complaints, because such cases do not come to us ", He told journalist in a new post on the social network.

She said the company offered to take her to a police station, to register a police report. The registry would serve not only to punish the employee with a dismissal for cause, but also “proceed in the criminal sphere”.

In conversation with journalist, NET said “the person who did this is probably a partner company hired to do sales. But she can not do it. What happened is illegal, anyone can use enterprise data to make private contacts.”

The company said that all attendants sign a contract that forbids them to enter the cell with the desktop, paper, pencil or anything else that allows store customer information.

NET also released an official note on his Facebook page, stating that "it is ascertaining the facts reported and will take all reasonable steps to ascertain, identify and summarily remove any employee or service provider to make misuse of personal information, confidential and sensitive to our customers. "

According to the company, "Employees engaged in customer service activities are minimal and restricted access to the strictly necessary data to perform their duties, always personalized and trackable way ".


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