to combat leprosy actions are intensified in the state

Fuam trains professionals to work in the capital and countryside.
12/05/2015 01h04 - Updated 12/05/2015 08h33
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The leprosy frame in the State of Amazonas has changed gradually due to control actions and monitoring of the disease implemented by the Government of Amazonas, by Alfredo da Matta Foundation (fuam), an agency of the State Department of Health (Sesame). The Fuam has made detection actions and treatment of leprosy and training of professionals in the capital and in the interior of the Amazon to ensure quality in the public health of the state.

Leprosy is a disease which is manifested by signs and symptoms such as skin lesions with reduced or no sensitivity. The disease is caused by the bacillus Mycobacterium leprae, It is not hereditary and its evolution depends on immune system characteristics of the person who has been infected.

As data for Disease Control and Epidemiology Department of Fuam, Amazon reported a reduction 80% passing the incidence of disease 69 cases each 100 thousand, in 1989, for 14 cases each 100 thousand, in 2014.

The Alfredo da Mata is located in the neighborhood of Cachoeirinha, south-central zone of Manaus, and is a reference in the treatment of leprosy in the North there 60 years. This week, many health professionals involved in the creation of a course on baciloscopy, a proper examination for detection of leprosy. The training is based on the rule book baciloscopy technicians Leprosy made by the Ministry of Health, in 2010.

The main focus of the training is the diagnosis of leprosy, and other approaches to the disease, according to the course coordinator, pharmaceutical and biochemical Everton Sales. "We have a specific job fighting leprosy in laboratory Foundation (Alfredo da Matta), with a standardized technique nationally by the Ministry of Health. And this training will help educate more professionals to carry out work with more quality in the issue of diagnosis and treatment of leprosy ", he said.

Cases inside - In 2014, They were diagnosed 557 no cases Amazonas. Of this total, Fuam the report points out that 215 (38,6%) They were resident in Manaus and 342 (61,4%) do interior. The Amazonian municipalities that had the highest cases of leprosy were with Humaita 38 cases; Eirunepé (24); Itacoatiara (23); Parintins (19); Iranduba (18); Autazes (13); Labrea (13); Tapauá (13) e Carauari (13).

These regions have the highest incidence of the disease in the state. both, there is a support of the Alfredo da Matta Foundation of drug control services in order to have an effective drug supply, as well as training of professionals for improvement in case finding and control of leprosy.

Control and monitoring – This May, It is scheduled to visit the teams Alfredo da Matta Foundation to the municipalities of Humaita, Autazes, Manipur, Coari, Urucurituba and Itacoatiara, which will make monitoring, looking for cases, examine the population and train local professionals. The manager of the Department of Disease Epidemiology and organ, Valderiza Pedroza, It highlights the importance of controlling and monitoring the disease in the State, in the first quarter of this year, already registered 110 Disease cases.

"We work in a general way to make the search early cases of leprosy and breaking the chain of transmission, that's a great goal our, because the less people have broadcasting, fewer cases we have. And the training of professional help because diagnose cases early ", he explained.


The support of the people is also key in combating the disease. As Valderize Pedroza, you must know the symptoms and seek emergency care centers in the state.

"It is important that people know that, if it has a stain on the skin, You should contact the health service. Health facilities inside are professionals who do skin tests to find cases of leprosy. In capital, there Polyclinics, health facilities and the Alfredo da Matta where people can make the skin tests and, if the leprosy is detected, should start treatment for the cure ".

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