After output Rosemary, four names are quoted for Susam

Allies claim that the choice of the new secretary will be more technical than political.
22/06/2015 09h54 - Updated 9/04/2016 12h15
Of the four listed, two were already health secretaries of State or the Manaus City Hall. (Photo: reproduction)

At least four names are being quoted by the Governor Jose Melo (PROS) to replace the Secretary of State for Health, Wilson Alecrim, who handed his resignation letter last Saturday. Among them is the gynecologist obstetrician Agnaldo Costa, now director of the Women's Hospital Dona Lindu, which was also health secretary in the administration of former Governor Eduardo Braga (PMBD), and therefore predecessor Rosemary.

Another name is the former municipal secretary of health in the Manaus City Hall and today CEO of Alfredo da Matta Foundation (fuam), Hélder Cavalcante, the same former senator Alfredo Nascimento group (PR), which was an ally of Melo in the last election for the government.

According to Melo allies, the governor still considering the doctor's name urologist Anoar Samad, personal friend of former governor, Current Senator Omar Aziz (PSD). The name of Anoar has been evaluated, not today.

With less force, but also among the evaluated names are State Representative Dr. Gomes (PSD). Since it was alderman, Gomes always made it clear to his group that his “dream” It was to be health secretary.

Rosemary handed his letter of resignation on the morning of Saturday. In a statement the advice of Susam, He realized that Rosemary handed over by “to personal reasons”, but behind the scenes, Allies believe that the secretary was unhappy with the spending cuts in the folder.

allies, who asked not to be named have, They informed the column that the choice will be more technical than political. The new secretary must be able to calm the waters of professionals, disgusted with the decision to Rosemary, to reduce the number of attending physicians. And also to manage the health structure, already overloaded, with limited resources.

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