Eighteen public bodies supervise irregular slaughter of cattle in the AM

Surveillance also includes inspections in production, transport and sale of foods of animal origin and derivatives
26/06/2015 22h26 - Updated 28/06/2015 09h43
Photo: Brazilian Association of Animal Recycling (Abra)

The Federal Public Ministry in the Amazon (MPF), the State Prosecutor's Office (MP-AM), the Federal Police, and others 18 state and federal agencies signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement to monitor and combat irregular and illegal slaughter of cattle in the Amazon. The agreement was motivated by a public civil investigation that clears, since 2013, illegal slaughter of cattle in the Amazon and investigates the damage caused by the consumption of such meat to public health, the consumer and the environment.

According to the Terms, the goal is to articulate and implement joint production inspection actions, transportation and marketing of food and animal by-products (meat,milk, fish, eggs, honey and derivatives), and to promote health education activities, environmental and consumer. The cooperation also aims to monitor compliance with Instruction No. Interministerial 06/2014, establishing the moratorium on fishing and marketing of piracatinga in all the national territory for a period of five years.

The term was published on Friday (26) Official Gazette of the MP, and involves the cooperation of 18 public agencies for five years, from the publication date.

Also signed the term representatives: Federal Public Ministry, Labor prosecutors, Department of Finance, Secretary of State for the Environment, Institute of Amazonas Environmental Protection, Municipal Secretariat of Health, Federation of Agriculture and the State of Amazonas Livestock, Regional Council of Amazon Veterinary Medicine, Ombudsman of the city of Manaus, Federal Agriculture, Livestock and Supply in the Amazon, Defense Agency | Amazon Agricultural and Forestry, Amazonas Health Surveillance Foundation, Amazonas State Legislature, Association Friends of the Manatee, Procon Amazon, Department of Public Safety, Amazon Association of Municipalities, Regional Labour and Employment in the Amazon, and Municipal Secretary of Labor, entrepreneurship, Supply, Fairs and Markets.

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