Eduardo Braga is worse when it is humble

13/06/2015 13h56 - Updated 9/04/2016 12h15
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The Mayor of Manaus, no doubt, a great friend and a better ally yet. It demonstrates, on the social networks, a friend of those who takes upon himself the pain of allies. On Saturday morning (13), he used his official Facebook profile to call the Minister of Mines and Energy, Eduardo Braga, arrogant and even worse when it is humble. The published text was in defense of Professor Governor Jose Melo (PROS). Check out the full the alfinetas the mayor:

“Senator and today Minister Eduardo Braga does not change even. His arrogance is so, it seems less arrogant when acting arrogantly than when pretending to be humble. Blame the governor Melo the context of economic difficulties faced by the Amazon and the Free Zone, forgetting to report that he, as government leader in the Senate, He did nothing but to boycott the coming federal funds to Manaus. And as a minister can not even solve the problem of Suframa servers, at a time when the Free Zone is overwhelmed by terrible crisis caused by economic policy mistakes made by the government to which he serves. Eduardo Braga thinks only of election. Do not forget the defeats suffered, indirectly, in 2012 e, personally, in 2014. Everything you say and articulates is now aiming 'to contest next year and sickly dream of returning to the state government in 2018. It builds, It is not generous, it's smaller, much smaller than the Amazon greatness”.

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