Globe prepares a super live show

The new attraction features six presenters.
08/06/2015 07h05 - Updated 8/06/2015 00h33
Photo: Playback / Internet

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Patricia Poeta, Zeca Camargo, James Leifert, André Marques, Ana Furtado and Cissa Guimarães will be presenters of a new live show that Globo prepares to air, from August.

The new attraction will be shown on Saturday mornings, 9am to noon. With the program, Globo increases and important way your load “Live” in daily grid. Something that, in parallel investments that also happen in journalism, It is seen as absolutely essential for today.

In the open system, a very special way, live product presentation starts becoming almost a must, because it also facilitates interaction with a public increasingly connected in different media.

And something that also happens to allow broadcasters, all or time, take the pulse of who is watching and so make adjustments, which are always timely, In real time.

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