man accused of involvement in armed robbery surrenders to PC

The crime occurred on 25 March this year in Eldorado set.
16/06/2015 16h55 - Updated 16/06/2015 16h55
Photo: PC Release

Earlier on Tuesday, day 16, or delegate Adriano Felix, holder of Police Specializing in Robbery, Theft and defrauding (Derfd), He spoke during a press conference held at the police unit on compliance with the preventive arrest warrant in the name of Rodrigo Paes Barbosa, 28, known as "Rodrigo Crazy", involved in the technical robbery in Security Márcio Adriano Batista Work, who at the time of the offense had 38 years. The crime occurred on the afternoon of 25 March this year.

As Adriano Felix, Rodrigo spontaneously presented on Monday afternoon, 15, por volta the 17h, Built in the 15th District Police (DIP), located on the Mount of Olives neighborhood, area north of the city, after his mother see a story on the case broadcast on a local television news.

"We carry out due diligence on the Mount of Olives neighborhood and had the support of the press, which released the image of Rodrigo, sought by our teams. His mother, fearing that the child suffer any kind of retaliation, It caused him to report on the 15th DIP. I would like to thank the collaboration of researchers that police unit, who helped us in prison last involved in this case of robbery ", said Felix.

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