lava Jato: Justice decrees presidents goods blockade of Odebrecht and Andrade Gutierrez

19/06/2015 18h52 - Updated 19/06/2015 19h10
Photo: (Bruno Poletti / Zanone Fraissat / Folhapress)

Judge Sergio Moro, responsible for the processes of Operation Lava Jet in Curitiba, decreed the blockade of goods presidents of the Odebrecht construction, Marcelo Odebrecht, e Andrade Gutierrez, Otavio Marques de Azevedo, and eight others that are part of or have been part of the summit of the two contractors. altogether, They should be locked up 20 million reais of each prisoner.

The judge, plus there is evidence that members of the two companies can continue to commit crimes and destroy evidence of participation in petrolão scandal, the two largest construction company in the country, targets of the 14th stage of the jet wash, They should have used police investigations as a “moment of clarity” to stop crimes. “In this context where companies remain active, with active contracts with Petrobras, including suspicions of overpricing (…) and they took no action to internally investigate crimes or to seek leniency agreements, it is essential, to prevent the continuation of corrupt practices, the precautionary arrest of executives diverted”, Sergio Moro said in justifying the need for prisons Friday.

In the order authorizing the arrest of eight executives and temporary detention of four other, Live highlights that this 14th stage of Lava jet was found one “progressive accumulation of evidence” that the two contractors paid kickbacks on contracts with Petrobras and fraudavam competitions with oil in join, em cartel, with the billion club. In tipoff testimonials award, the two main informers of petrolão scandal, Paulo Roberto Costa e Alberto Youssef, were emphatic citing leaders of Odebrecht and Andrade Gutierrez as participants in the cartel and to be responsible for school fees, but the strongest evidence of the involvement of two companies, who always denied participation in propinoduto, They were obtained from the tracking secret accounts abroad.

To order the arrest of executives, in order signed on the last day 15 of June, Judge Sergio Moro pointed out that Paulo Roberto Costa, for example, about hid 23 million dollars in Switzerland, while the services of former manager of Petrobras Pedro Barusco admitted pocketed kickbacks about 97 million dollars, also kept hidden in secret accounts in Switzerland. Others 20 million from the former director of Services of oil Renato Duque and identifying accounts of former head of the International Area Nestor Cerveró also abroad have strengthened the understanding of researchers that there was a new and fruitful Franco payment undue advantage to ex -Staff Petrobras.

The new phase of Operation Lava Jet puts light on the performance of Bernardo Freiburghaus operator, who worked with paper money changer similar to Alberto Youssef as intermediate fees and money laundering to Odebrecht. Extracts of the secret of Petrobras Supply former director Paulo Roberto Costa accounts show that, in several of the former leader accounts, Freiburghaus appears as procurator, what happens when also mapped the accounts held in Switzerland by former manager Pedro Barusco Services.

“Besides the criminal testimony contributor [Paulo Roberto Costa], the repatriation of millions of constant dollars in the accounts, there is also material evidence of the existence of Swiss bank accounts controlled by Paulo Roberto Costa and deposits made it, from almost all offshore accounts for determining, as stated by him, Odebrecht”, reported Sergio Moro. “Also present evidence of transfers by Andrade Gutierrez values ​​to Fernando Soares company [lobbyist who worked on behalf of the PMDB] no Brasil”, Complete the judge.

The siege to the leaders of Odebrecht and Andrade Gutierrez, Moro recounts, also gained momentum with the accusation of testimonies award-winning competitor Camargo Corrêa executives and the presentation by whistleblowers an exchange of e-mail messages between the companies that made up the cartel. In hearings Dalton Avancini and Eduardo Leite, of Camargo Correa summit, Márcio Faria, Odebrecht, and Elton Negrão, Andrade Gutierrez, They are cited as the contacts of the construction within the billion club. And more: a Camargo, I was in consortium with Odebrecht in the contract for the excavation work of the Abreu e Lima Refinery, in Pernambuco, confirmed that companies, together, paid bribes to win fraudulent competition.

Among the works and rigged with strong kickback payment indications are, for example, bidding for the implementation of the Atmospheric Distillation Unit in the Abreu e Lima Refinery (won by Odebrecht consortium- OASIS), competition for the implementation of hydrotreating units and hydrogen generation units of the Abreu e Lima (won by Odebrecht-OAS consortium), bidding for the implementation of Delayed Coking Unit of the Petrochemical Complex of Rio de Janeiro (Comperj) (won by Techint and Andrade Gutierrez).


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