Bidding for new kiosks Ponta Negra takes place on 15

The notice and its attachments are available for free on the site Implurb.
11/06/2015 07h02 - Updated 11/06/2015 14h07
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Next Monday, 15, the Municipal Institute of Urban Planning (Implurb) holds public session for the receipt and opening of tenders the bid of six new outlets installed in the second phase of the tourist complex Ponta Negra, West zone. Since it was launched, in May, public competition had ample access, with the announcement and its attachments available for free on the site

The kiosks are ready in the complex, built with new architectural standard, which includes a deck with covered area and tables, as well as a prefabricated module container, including five for food and one for convenience store. The outlets were built via compensatory measure, by private companies, no public money. Companies carried out the construction within the specified standards for the work.

Competition costly use permission is granted on the type increased supply, facing legal entities, exclusively. The public session, chaired by the Bid Committee's Implurb, will take place at 9 am, in the auditorium of the University Nilton Lins (of. Professor Nilson Lins, 3.259 - Block D), Parque das Laranjeiras, Centro-Sul. Questions can be taken by phone (92) 3625-4629, during business hours.

The bidding process is to promote the widest and unrestricted competition between participants and, therefore, the increase in revenue for the city. The proposal also optimize the distribution outlets along the entire length of the complex, in order to better meet the regulars.

Points are standardized and work on container type models, greater durability and better maintenance, with the best value for money.

The new kiosks will be delivered ready for future licensees, which will come to commercial operation. The architectural design is the Implurb and the six securities are already built in the second stage.

A variety of business also marks this bidding, providing of Temakeria stores, snack bar, taproom, tacacaria, ice cream shop and convenience store.

The bidding processes reinforce the commitment of Manaus City Hall to ensure equal treatment to all who wish to explore commercial activity in public spaces, following the rules of the General Procurement Act and the Federal Constitution itself.

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