PC triggers Heptachlor operation and holds 15 people in Presidente Figueiredo

Action was in fulfillment of search and seizure warrants.
06/06/2015 14h56 - Updated 6/06/2015 18h23
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Aimed at combating drug trafficking in the city of Presidente Figueiredo, distant 107 kilometers straight from Manaus, the Civil Police of Amazonas flared early on Thursday, day 4, I heptachlor the operation that resulted in the arrest of 15 people involved in the illegal practice in the city. The work was coordinated by the director of the Police Department of the Interior (DPI), delegate Carlos Augusto Monteiro, and the titular delegate of the 37th Precinct Police Interactive (DIP) Presidente Figueiredo, Valdinei Silva.

The operation aimed to meet 18 search and seizure warrants and 18 preventive arrest warrants, issued no last day 2 of June, the judge of the district municipality, Ana Paula Braga. The action was triggered by around 6, and had Effective 95 police officers, among delegates, researchers and clerks, among them, Special Force group members Rescue and Assault (will) Grouping and Air Operations (GOA) the institution, with support from the crowded military police in that city.

Police arrested in compliance with the preventive arrest warrant: Samuel Barbosa dos Santos, 30, known as "Porcelain"; Anderson da Costa Araújo, 24, The "Pixie"; Mathias Dias Martins, 18; Denis Martins Pinheiro, 33, the "Magrão"; Guilherme Ferreira Coelho, 18; Janderson da Silva Sobrinho, 21, known as "Topeira"; Eduardo Araujo Santana, 19; Igor Gabriel Rocha de Jesus, 18, The "Terê"; Ariomar Batista de Souza, 38; Shayenne Jesus Oliveira, 23; Albaniza Maria Nunes da Silva; 40; Maria do Carmo Teixeira Seixas, 23; and Maria Vieira Gecilene, 32.

As the delegate Valdinei Silva, one preventive arrest warrant, in disfavor Elialdo da Silva Correa, known as "Brau", It was fulfilled in Jailhouse Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, in Manaus Center, where man is arrested, from or last day 18 of May, the illegal possession crime restricted firearm.

During operation, in William of residence were seized five major portions of narcotic substance marijuana appearance, 24 bundles of appearance of cocaine base and R $ 25 in kind. Instead the police arrested in flagrante his girlfriend, a high school student, Beatriz Oliveira de Araujo, 20, involved in crime.

In the house were found Mathias 28 bundles supposedly oxy and R $ 70 in kind. Denis caliber revolver was seized 38, with suppressed numbering, containing four intact munitions. Anderson was seized approximately R $ 800 in kind, which according to the police, It comes from drug trafficking.
In addition to effectuate preventive arrest warrants, the headquarters of the police unit, William and his girlfriend, Beatriz, They were charged in the act of drug trafficking and association for trafficking. Mathias also account for drug trafficking, and Denis was booked for illegal possession of restricted firearm. All arrested during the operation will remain in the incarceration of the 37th police station at the disposal of Justice.

For the holder delegate of the 37th police station, Valdinei Silva, the success of the operation is the result of nine months of research work carried out by teams of police unit. "We obtained successful results of triggered operation today in Presidente Figueiredo. We managed to hold our main target, or Samuel. According to our investigations, he controls the drug trade in the city ", said the delegate Valdinei.

The holder of the 37th police station reported that during the feast of Cupuacu, that will occur within 4 a 7 June in Presidente Figueiredo, there is usually a higher volume drug marketing due to the demand of people visiting the city. "With this work we can inhibit drug trafficking in this festival period in the city", said the police authority.

For the director of DPI, delegate Carlos Augusto Monteiro, the operation, which was named Heptachlor, an insecticide to combat the plague ravaging cupuassu, it was a success. At the time the delegate highlighted how the works were distributed during operation. "We move a very good amount of police officers to the outbreak of operation, which resulted in the arrest of 15 people, these generated three case of flagrant, besides the gun seizure, munitions, drugs and money ", He stressed Carlos Augusto.

The general delegate Amazon Civil Police, Orlando Amaral, was present during the operation in Presidente Figueiredo and congratulated the work done by the police officers involved in the action.

"We were in the city supporting and honoring the progress of the operation, which is the result of an excellent research work carried out by the police team, under the coordination of the delegate Valdinei. We consider this work as a maid in the city for the population and to enjoy the Feast of Cupuaçu ", He finished the general delegate.

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