Peru is arrested for drug trafficking in Manaus

PC arrested three people during operation.
01/06/2015 17h17 - Updated 1/06/2015 17h18
Photo: PC Release

Or Peruvian Pablo Armas Tafur, 45; the car washer Alexandro Barbosa Conception, 37; and the couple Lismara Melo da Silva, 32, and Darlan da Silva Magalhaes, 34, investigated for involvement in drug trafficking in Manaus, They were arrested red-handed by police officers crowded in the Department of Narcotics Investigation (Denarc) on Sunday afternoon, day 31, por volta the 15h.

The arrests occurred during a coordinated police action by the director of Denarc, Delegate Samir Freire, and the delegate Jone Clai Rodrigues, which also includes the department team. Work began after researchers from police unit received an anonymous tip stating that a Peruvian was staying at a hotel located at Rua dos Andradas, in downtown, with a significant amount of drug.

According to the delegate Jone Clai Rodrigues, the complainant was informed that the man would deliver illicit goods to another person who would be in a black car. The police officers were the appropriate place and set campana. They spotted the exact moment when Pablo handed a bag to Alexandro, who was in a vehicle Celta model, Black color plates 1959 and NOY-, that was seized during the action.

Along the police approach found inside the bag that Pablo gave Alexandro 12 narcotic substance tablets with marijuana characteristics of type skunk, totaling about 6 kg of drugs. When asked about the origin of the illegal product, Peruvian declared that it was not the owner of the material and said he would only give it to a man in a black car and receive R $ 3 thousand for the service.

Alexandro already declared that Lismara and Darlan couple asked him to get, in front of the hotel, a bag containing fish and açaí, a man with Pablo features. in testimony, the car washer claimed he did not know that inside the bag was narcotic substance.

Immediately thereafter the police went to the couple's home, located at Rua Lily de Indias, New Aleixo neighborhood, North Zone, which effected the arrest of the double. In Lismara and Darlan house found two notebooks containing the accounts of illegal practice and equipment for mixing drugs. Still in place a man was arrested for being using drugs. He did not have the identity revealed.

The man was taken to the headquarters of the police unit, where he was heard as a witness and stated that bought Lismara and Darlan narcotics. He signed a police Robust Term (TCO) for drug possession and was then released. The delegate Jone Clai Rodrigues said details of the investigation that resulted in the arrests of the pack.

"Yesterday the team was on duty received a complaint stating the unlawful practice. The police were ascertaining the information and verified the truth of the allegation. Initially the Peruvian Pablo and Alexandro were arrested. Then, during steps, our team came to the couple. Despite denying involvement in the unlawful practice, all four are connected with drug trafficking. The drugs seized would be sold in the North area of ​​the city ", He argued the police authority.

The four were charged in the act of drug trafficking and association for trafficking (articles 33 e 35, respectively, of Law 11.343/06). On the afternoon of Monday, 1st day, Pablo, Alexandro and Darlan were referred to the Public Jail Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, which will be available to the Justice.

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