Transfer of R $ 2,8 million to the Public Transport Manaus is not for service improvements, diz Sinetram

The subsidy began to be granted in 2013.
09/06/2015 13h53 - Updated 14/06/2015 04h09
Photo: Sinetram

Operators Public Transport System of Manaus reported on Monday (8), in open court in the Amazon Legislative Assembly (OF-AM), the subsidy of R $ 2,8 million paid by the State Government and Manaus Prefecture to the providers of the service companies are not used to improve the fleet and transport services. According to the director of the Union of the State of Amazonas Passenger Transport Companies (Sinetram), Marco Aurelio, the value of the subsidy is intended solely to keep the fare, before the fuel increases and inflation.

Today the State Government transfers to companies R $ 1,3 millions, and Manaus Prefecture R $ 1,5 millions. The subsidy began to be granted in 2013, no amount of R $ 1 million for each organ. The application of transfers was discussed at the Transport Commission, Traffic and Mobility ALE-AM Urban.

Marco Aurelio explained that the subsidy is based on the value of the cost per passenger. Made lifting all system costs and divided by the number of paying passengers, comes to a technique rate, today is $ 3,15 In Manaus, and fixed the rate of R $ 3 for passenger. "Unlike 15 cents is funded by the subsidy ", said.

Marcus Aurelius said companies that operate local public transport have an interest in improving the service, which depends on the financial stability, what is not happening. "On account discussions around the legality of the transfer, the subsidy ends up not being passed on to companies in their entirety, which creates system instability, what's going on since January ", he stressed, stressing that "the exemption is not granted to the company, but to complement the user's passage ".

Second or representative, today the cost of public transportation Manaus is $ 54 million per month, the grant is 5% do valor; pointing out that in other countries the government bears 40% and even 50%, which enables improved service. Manaus has ten companies operating with public transport, who are fulfilling the bidding process, inclusive 100% cars have GPS. As for fleet renewal, the official said that the average age is six and a maximum of 10 years. "More of 900 buses were put into service between 2012 e 2013, then the fleet is within ", secured, noting that the delay of the collective is related to chaotic traffic. "The slower traffic, more increases the price of a trip ", completed.

According to the CEO of the Municipal Superintendence of Urban Transportation (SMTU), Pedro Carvalho, the subsidy should be even greater and who should participate more force would be the federal government, given that R $ 3,00 the population is expensive, but companies can not afford before the payment of staff costs, social charges and to keep the fleet in day. "The problem of public transport in Manaus infrastructure; the country does not have a transport policy, logo, increases every time the price of diesel, one of the main costs ", he stressed.

According to Pedro Carvalho, Manaus fleet consists of 1,4 thousand vehicles that run daily in the capital of Amazonas, and 10% backup. The director also said that who pays the full price paid by the middle passage of student, the elderly and some categories that are exempted from paying shipping as postmen and police.

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