We all have guilt in the office, Black Chico says about crisis in PIM

16/06/2015 18h24 - Updated 9/04/2016 12h15
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The Industrial Pole of Manaus is not right leg a few years ago. This year several factors have contributed to this weakening has increased. In recent months the Suframa servers have required some rights and threatened to strike if nothing was resolved, it was not. So what happened? Strike. And it has generated millionaires losses. Not only that the local authority if, the Amazon Biotechnology Center (CBA) also suffers from a lack of attention from the federal government and the Amazon countertop political. The CBA has significant importance for the Amazon region and closed its doors last week. And the rulers do? Nothing.

In a long article published in Monday (15), in his official Facebook account, the former state deputy Chico Black highlights the importance of CBA for the development of the Amazon region, criticizes the lack of political will for effective action to help the PIM are taken, He criticized the way the interests are treated in the state and said, still, what “we all have guilt in the office”. Gives there in full positioning Chico Black on the crisis in the Amazon.

“A crisis, in which Brazil is passing, It has justified all the evils committed by our leaders, from lack of salary increase of civil servants, passing the replacement of a BRS paint strips “gold weight”, chagando to the possible “bankruptcy” Suframa. Created to support the Manaus Free Trade Zone, this Government has been forgotten by the Federal Government, so much so that our President vetoed the wage parity servers, what motivated the strike underway. As if it were not enough, the Amazon Biotechnology Center (CBA) It was also reaching for such a crisis and had the contract of stock exchange- Researchers suspended on the last day 10.

While all our governments are looking to blame the crisis for all the problems facing the Industrial Pole of Manaus, I think we all have “fault in the office”. I explain: the concern of our Caucus of the Congress has always been with the extension of Free Zone; missed, However, a political articulation in relation to CBA, for example. This Center works there 13 years and does not even have a legal personality. It is related to Suframa and suffers from all the evils arising from this, including with regard to the appointment of the Superintendent that became a political dispute to measure forces.

It is worth mentioning, For clarity, the CBA has a singular importance to the local economy. Created to develop research that could “give breath” the model Zona Franca Current, with the development and promotion of regional products to the world, mainly lacked political will to continue the CBA projects. Last year, while Mr, defend, strongly, the introduction of a label for regional products, It would be a form of recognition of everything that is manufactured here. Look, it would extend the benefits of the Free Zone to the inside, I would take the extraction made by the caboclo of the region and give a biotechnology dimension to all this. both, the CBA would be the catalyst, it would be up to him to give a technological innovation to products and processes arising from our biodiversity and then involve cosmetics, drugs, food and other.

Unfortunately, politics in our country, including in our state, is the petty. It's like that: if the idea is not the allied political group, not interested to invest. Our representatives, instead of uniting to reverse this situation, They are concerned to look at the past and point the Senator X or Y as guilty of this dilemma. We all have guilt, since we can not see beyond the extension of the Free Zone. Maybe because it will attract many votes. Now, waste time on that guilt discussion will only make it more difficult to research scientists who need a new contract and also delay a solution to a problem that is real and reaches, indirectly, entire population. Therefore, I can only appeal to our Caucus of the Congress to unite for the sake of Suframa, Zona Franca e CBA. Leave aside the political pettiness and walk in one direction. The Amazonian people thanks”.

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