Councilman advocates the creation of landfill for waste disposal PIM

Johnny Miranda says the move will prevent overloading of the municipal.
11/06/2015 16h59 - Updated 11/06/2015 16h59
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The creation of a suitable location for disposal of waste from businesses in the Industrial District of Manaus was defended by Councilman Johnny Miranda (PTN), during the meeting of the Committee on the Environment of the City Council, on the afternoon of Wednesday, in order to discuss mechanisms to combat landfills and illegal dumps, causing harm to the environment.

In justifying the suggestion made to the participants of the meeting, Johnny Miranda, a member of the committee, He maintained that the existence of a specific area to receive the waste produced by industrial, will avoid problems and overload the municipal landfill.

The meeting was attended by the Municipal Secretary of Public Cleaning, Paulo Farias; the president of Amazonas Environmental Protection Institute (IPAAM), Ana Eunice Aleixo; the Municipal Secretary of Environment and Sustainability, Itamar de Oliveira Mar; the representative of the Bar Association of Brazil (OAB), Ricardo Gomes; and Everaldo Farias councilors (PV), Massami Miki (PAGE), Ewerton Wanderley (PSDB), Professor Bibiano (PT) and Rosivaldo Cordovil (PTN).

The purpose of the meeting is to develop measures to combat the dumps caused by waste disposal produced by companies in the Industrial District. The chairman of the Committee on the Environment, councilman Everaldo, He said it will take advantage of the information provided by representatives of the agencies present to substantiate the report with measures to irregular dumps and existing dumps in the city of Manaus.

Johnny Miranda said it has kept in touch with entrepreneurs, who complain of the difficulties to allocate the waste at the municipal landfill, because the type of waste and the queues that are required to face the time of disposal.

The president of Amazonas Environmental Protection Institute, Ana Aleixo, and the representative of the Bar Association, Ricardo Gomes, They rated the performance of clandestine dumps as a "police case", and they argued that illegal businesses should be reported to the Specialized Police Environment.

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