Zeca Camargo critical "national uproar" death of Cristiano Araújo and causes controversy

29/06/2015 10h52 - Updated 29/06/2015 10h55
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Since the death of countryman Cristiano Araújo, on Wednesday (25), not a few articles that circulated in the press about the gap between the fans of the singer of those people who had never heard of him. Thats how, on Sunday night (28), Zeca Camargo began a chronicle in Globo News about the commotion caused by the case. The way the journalist developed the comment, However, It angered a crowd - and took the name of Zeca the list of most talked about topics on the Internet.

"As we were able to collectively seduce us by an unknown figure?“, he asks, among other provocations. "What really surprised at this sad event of the week was the national commotion. From one moment to another, fans and people who had no idea who was Cristiano Araújo left for group hug, as if we were all wishing a catharsis so, a major event that would unite us with emotion ", he said. And he compared the "insane" coverage of the event with the phenomenon of coloring books.

"The singer may have died too soon to prove that he had the potential to become a national passion, like so many recent cases. Our popular song is dominated by revelations of one song ", he said. to Zeca, therefore, Cristiano has not had time to become revelante on the national scene and suggested that the public should love the "real idols". "We need, sim, more heroes. But everyone is busy painting jardins secrets ". Check out the video:

Source: See São Paulo

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