Teen convicted of gang rape is murdered in his cell in Piaui

according to investigations, death occurred after fight with three other minors arrested for the crime.
17/07/2015 09h09 - Updated 17/07/2015 09h10
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TERESINA - One of the teenagers convicted of the gang rape of four teenagers 15 a 17 years, with the death of one of them, in Castelo do Piauí, He was killed early on Friday in the EMC housing (Male Educational Center), in Itaperu neighborhood, Northern zone Teresina, Piauí. Gleisom Vieira da Silva, from 17 years, He was admitted to comply with deprivation of liberty for three years.

The teenager was in a separate cell with three other smaller when they began a discussion. He was attacked by the three and beaten to death. According to the judge of the 2nd Court of Childhood and Youth of Teresina, Antônio Lopes, the three teenagers accused of killing also took part in the gang rape. The victim's face was disfigured by violence.

– They killed the teenager in much the same form of violence against four teenagers, who were raped and beaten. He suffered skull sinking - said Lopes.

Gleisom is the teenager who had filmed his testimony at the crime scene, Morro do Garrote, in Castelo do Piauí. recording, the lowest rape account details. According agents, the three accused were with the victim's anger because he recorded the testimony. The childcare service director of the State Secretariat of Social Assistance and Citizenship (CASS), Anderlly Lopes, He said that minors confessed to the murder:

– They confessed to homicide delegate and was an act of revenge. It was a cowardly approach and betrayal. The delegate Francisco Costa went to the site, they were sent to Flagrant Center, and then will be taken to the Defense Complex Cidadania- said Lopes

The Secretary of Social Welfare and Citizenship of Piauí, Henrique Rebelo, He said he did not expect a crime like this could happen.

– They have taken all reasonable measures after the transfer to CEM, since the other teens have made a strong protest against the arrival of these smaller. They were placed in an appropriate wing for this type of crime. Smaller expressed interest in staying together and, according to the director of the unit, they were united, but we did not imagine that they could fight each other and end this situation. The teenager was rescued and came to be removed from the site alive, but he died - he said.

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