bank branch is fined R $ 25 thousand for failing Law Queues

Bradesco was also fined for breach of the Consumer Protection Code.
07/07/2015 16h50 - Updated 5/05/2016 03h50
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The agency 320 Banco Bradesco, avenue 7 of September, Center, It was assessed and will receive a fined R $ 25 thousand Municipal Procon for breach of the Consumer Code and the Law of the Queue (No law 167/2005). Violations of the municipal laws were found during monitoring held on the morning of Tuesday (7), the Consumer Protection Committee of the Municipality of Manaus (COMDEC / CMM), led by the councilman Álvaro Campelo (PP), accompanied by the Municipal Procon tax and municipal ombudsman, Alexander Cohen.

According to Alvaro Campelo, the Defense Committee of Consumer CMM was the Bank's agency finds the complaint that retirees who receive up to minimum wage are required to make withdrawals at ATMs of the first floor of the office and unable to climb to get on the second floor. Only those who earn above the minimum wage can rise to the second floor and reap the benefits in the 'mouth of the box'.

"I had to lie in order to receive my money on the second floor", said owner Edna Oliveira, 67, angry with the care provided at the agency, which is already a customer for years. "They say it is not to give information to strangers, ATMs, but do not put people to guide. And when we want to go up to receive the boxes do not leave. They want to know if you earn more than a minimum wage to let rise. I need not say how much gain for others. I have to say to be robbed when coming off the bench?”, He questioned the retired.

Customers took, also, to complain that on paydays, We need to get at 7am to the bank because of the number of people receiving the agency, and when should start the service, at 9 am, there is a delay, because the bank, still, They will count the cash to get the customer service. "When you open the bank is for them to start the service", said owner Ivanete.

Álvaro Campelo ensured that really retirees and pensioners were not taking adequate care at the agency. "They were not having the option to withdraw their salaries in the mouth of the box or at the ATM. Already directed the Bradesco that this procedure is incorrect ", he said, after hearing the complainants and talk with managers of Bradesco, who preferred not to give statements to the press, just said it since 7am care was being done with the boxes meeting.

In addition to this irregularity, the Defense Committee of Consumer CMM and the Municipal Procon found, also, the agency does not comply with the Law of the queue as the minimum service on payday time, which is 25 minutes tolerance. "The Bank will be fined and will have time to present a defense and fulfilling the quality service and especially in elder care it deserves all the respect and consideration", assured Álvaro Campelo.

According to him, claims can still be made to the Consumer Protection Committee of CMM, by phone 3303-2840 e 3303-2841, or even in the Commission Room, the Municipality of Manaus, Father Augustine Street Martin Caballero, 850, neighborhood São Raimundo, West zone, since the inspections will continue. "Consumers and especially the elderly have to have the right to serve in the mouth of the box or at the ATM, but not be directed as is happening today ", said Councilman.

The inspection found, still, that two 22 ATMs, only nine were running, and these, only one was to serve service available, forming a long line in the internal area of ​​the box.

Two notices of violation were issued by Procon team Manaus: one by abuse and other improper for services, since the 22 ATMs only one was working for withdrawals. "To our surprise we found that the 22 boxes, there is one to serve. Today is the 5th business day of payment and the agency was to be working with at least 80% Cashiers, that is, at least 16 boxes for withdrawals and nine for consultation. They can not achieve the minimum number for consultation, let alone serve ", he said.

The agency, Resolutions like Cohen, plus receive assessed a fine of R $ 25 thousand for violating the Consumer Protection Code and the Law of the Queue. "And we still have the complaint of inadequate care for people the best age", he argued.

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