Amazonians will represent Brazil in the World Olympic wrestling in Salvador

The talent of the duo has won awards in other international disputes.
29/07/2015 13h29 - Updated 29/07/2015 13h29
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It equals that they share the mat with experienced fighters in training, the eve of the World Wrestling Championship. Of the eight Amazonian fighters called to compose the Brazilian team, four girls carry the hope of winning medals in the tournament, scheduled for August, in the state of Bahia.

no group, Diane Martins, 18, and Parintins Thalia Lopes, 17, They are also medal of promise for the Olympics 2016 e 2020.

The talent of the duo has won awards in other international disputes. Diane took second place in the Pan-American 2014, in Recife. Thalia already in the first year of dispute 2013, Pan in Colombia, won the fourth and last year snapped up a bronze in the same tournament held in Cuba.

To do well in competitions, the double, with the rest of the team, trains three times a day at 7 am, 9h and 13h on the court struggles of the Olympic Village of Manaus, Central-West.

"We also run the night to make weight and have better preparation. The world come teams from many countries and we have to have a very good preparation, because they are countries with very strong tradition in wrestling ", Diane analyzed.

Despite competing in different categories - Diane in freestyle 44 kilos and Thalia in freestyle 51 kg - both have similar stories of resilience and courage to engage in a predominantly male sport.

It was hidden from parents Diane began practicing wrestling in 2010. She met the sport in the near social project house, in the New Town neighborhood, North Zone, mode which encouraged, liked and never stopped. "I trained hidden when my parents went to work. My mother and father did not give much support, to my teacher to go home to talk, explain how it was. after that, they realized that I really wanted and started to support me. Today everyone understands me home, even when I'm losing weight, and I get that bad mood ", said the girl.

After winning the support of parents, Diane learned to circumvent the prejudice on the mat. "Now there is a lot of prejudice, but rather had. The woman was not very well seen, when we reached the championships, suddenly by our way 'entroncadinha', there was prejudice. But now the women's freestyle is being seen more, especially after Joyce Silva be gold pan in Toronto ", said the girl.

In addition to the daily training, the athlete also participates in a marathon, in the race for sponsorship. "Sponsorship is very difficult in Manaus, Olympic wrestling is not really seen yet. So we focus on training, We see family only on weekends to get good results. You get bag when 'medal', It is now difficult, resources are not leaving, but we are still training ", said.

Despite the difficulties, the girl plans to invest in career, preparing to compete in the Olympic Games 2020. "The people of Rio de Janeiro this order over the Amazon, to have more results out there. So they are willing to work for us 2020, to compete in Olympics ", celebrated.

Source: In Time Online

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