After application of Collor, audit TCU investigating Attorney General

21/07/2015 08h47 - Updated 21/07/2015 08h47
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Hours after the outbreak of Operation Politeia, in which the Federal Police carried out search warrants against three senators, last week, the Commission for Supervision and Control Senate approved a vote lightning a request to the EU Court of Auditors (TCU) do two audits on contracts of the Attorney General's Office.

The two applications, approved at an extraordinary session of the Commission, They were presented by Senator and former president Fernando Collor (PTB-AL), one of the targets of the search and seizure triggered in Operation Politeia.

Collor has been the largest public critic of the management of the Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, who is campaigning to be reappointed and, now, at risk of being stopped by the Senate by secret ballot, as revealed by the newspaper “The State of S. Paulo” Monday Edition, 20.

The action taken by the Federal Police against the Senators in the early Tuesday morning last week (day 14) – required by Janot and accepted by the Supreme Court – It led to the seizure, if Collor, a Porsche, a Ferrari and a Lamborghini in the House of Dinda, private residence used by former President.

Just after, around 11 hours, the Senate committee decided to vote the two Collor requirements calling for the audit of TCU in the Attorney General's Office contracts.

The president of the college, Senator Otto Alencar (PSD-BA), He consulted the present one would call an extraordinary meeting to consider only the two information requests. “I do not see any difficulty.”


Rapporteur of the two applications, Senator Ivo Cassol (PP-RO) explained that the first TCU surveillance proposal aimed to verify the correctness of a lease of a house by the agency, signed in October 2014 the monthly amount of R $ 67 thousand a bid waiver.

Or second, said Cassol, referring to a contract for waiver of bidding for a communications company in December last year. Former President claims, the surveillance proposals, there would be evidence of irregularities in the two contracts.

Cassol proposed that applications be sent to the TCU analyze cases. “The court) It is the appropriate body to supervise and inspect if there is any irregularity in any engagement in any entities or federal agencies”, he argued Cassol, what, two days after the operation, provided solidarity in favor of Collor in plenary.

The holding of the special meeting was approved and the committee immediately obeyed then symbolic vote in the Cassol judgment to perform the audits. “A CMA (commission) You can not shirk its duty to investigate, when triggered, especially when formulated complaint observes all procedural requirements for approval”, He argued the rapporteur, the two opinions. “We will not be giving guess”, he said, after approval.

In August 2013, Cassol was sentenced to more than four years in prison, in semi-open regime, the Supreme in lawsuit filed by the prosecution and remains free because still on a pending trial in court appeal.

First senator convicted by the Supreme Court, Cassol received penalty for having defrauded between bids 1998 e 2002, when he was mayor of Rolim de Moura, Rondônia.

When contacted on Monday, 20, the Attorney General's Office did not comment. The information is the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo.


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