Couple arrested for drug trafficking in the South

Carina was on bail and wearing electronic ankle bracelet.
08/07/2015 09h52 - Updated 8/07/2015 09h53
Photo: PC Release

Gabriel Silva de Oliveira, 20, and his girlfriend, Carina Gomes Gama, 28, were arrested, in the act, on the afternoon of Monday (6), for involvement in drug trafficking, in Japiinlândia neighborhood.

The arrest took place in the Carina home, Rua Monte Castelo, under the coordination of the holder delegate of the 3rd DIP, Fernando Bezerra. The researchers came to the couple from an anonymous report informing the marketing of drugs on site.

According to police, the complaint also said that Carina was wearing an electronic anklet. During searches in the house, authorized by Carina, the agents found 22 bundles of narcotic substance with appearance of cocaine base within a teddy bear. In the same environment, They were still found an average portion with respect stone cocaine, a large portion supposedly marijuana, four mobile, Apart material for refining and drug momentum.

Carina was arrested in flagrante, no dia 26 October 2013, for drug trafficking, and was provisionally released from 23 March this year, as the police. Carina and Gabriel were sent to the 3rd DIP where she was sued for drug trafficking and association for trafficking, provided for in Articles 33 e 35, respectively, of Law 11.343/06. Gabriel was booked by association for drug trafficking.

Carina was conducted for the Provisional Detention Center Female (CDPF), at kilometer eight BR-174, which will be available to the Justice. Gabriel was taken to the public jail Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, in Manaus Center, where he will await trial.

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