National Health Council will discuss SUS care in Manaus

Debate on the Health System takes place in Manaus and more 110 Northern Region cities
03/07/2015 15h36 - Updated 6/07/2015 18h45
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The National Board of Health will hold, day 28 a 30 July, a public hearing to discuss the care of the Unified Health System (THEIR). The debate is coordinated by the Ministry of Health and is scheduled to take place in the auditorium of the University Nilton Lins, in Parque das Laranjeiras, Central south of Manaus area.

During or event, Health professionals, PHS users, public managers, experts and civil society will discuss the theme axes: "Public health quality to take good care of people: right of the Brazilian people ".

Events like this will be carried out in other 110 Northern Region cities, and the forecast is that by December over 2 million people participate in the plenary popular regional, national plenary, municipal and state conferences and free conferences throughout the country.

SUS in the North

latest data from the National Health Survey (PNS), carried out in a partnership between the Ministry of Health and the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), They give an idea of ​​the importance of the Unified Health System (THEIR) to the North: 73,9% people in this region who were admitted to hospitals 24 hours or more in the twelve months prior to the survey had this care through SUS. It was the second highest proportion in the country, behind only the Northeast (76,5%).

The survey also found that more than half (51,5%) of households in the northern region are registered in the Health Family Program, 49,7% They received at least one visit from an agent to combat endemic, 34,8% of the population have obtained at least one prescription medication through the public health system and 20,3% acquired at least one medication prescribed by the People's Pharmacy Program.

Calendar in the Northern Region capital:

Bethlehem (PA) – 3 e 4 July
Local: Hangar - Convention Center and Trade of the Amazon
Schedule: 8h to 18h

White River (AC) – 07 a 10 July
Local: college Goal
Schedule: 19h (opening, 7/7)
Local: Federal University of Acre (UFAC)
Schedule: 7:30h to 18H (8 e 9/7) e 7:30h to 12 pm (10/7)

Porto Velho (RO) – 07 a 10 July
Local: Rondon Palace Hotel
Schedule: 8h to 18h

Macapa (You) – 09 e 10 July
Local: Sebrae
Schedule: 8h to 19h

Boa Vista (RR) – 13 a 15 July
Local: Cathedral School Auditorium
Schedules: 18h to 21h (13/7) and 8h to 18h (14 e 15/7)

Manaus (AM) – 28 a 30 July
Local: University Milton Lins
Schedule: 8h to 18h

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