accused of attempted homicide Man arrested in Urucará

23/07/2015 08h42 - Updated 23/07/2015 08h42
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A young man identified as Elias Castro Battle, 20, He was arrested by police officers, on the afternoon of Sunday (19), in the municipality of Urucará. He is accused in two murder attempts.

According to the titular delegate of the police unit, Charles Araujo, who coordinated the action, the first attempted murder took place on 7 from May of 2014, Rua Coronel Lúcio Guimarães, San Pedro neighborhood, in Urucará, when Bryan Oliveira dos Santos, 19, It was shot by firearm shooting.

The second incident occurred on 1 May this year, Beira Rio Street, Neighborhood Cafezal, when Wenderson Steps Melo, 29, He was seriously injured after being hit by machete blows.

As the police authority, the two victims recognized Elijah as author of the crimes. "The young man committed the crimes at night and enjoyed the knowledge of the countryside to hide in the woods, making it difficult, thereby, police work ", said the delegate Charles Araujo.

Depending on the information obtained during investigations, Araújo represented preventive arrest warrant in the name of Elias. The document was issued by the judge of the District Urucará, Cid da Veiga Soares Júnior.

So who was arrested, around 16 hours of last Sunday, Elijah was taken to the 45th DIP, which provided clarifications. At the end of the procedures applicable it remains collected in the incarceration of the police unit, available to the Justice.

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