Young is arrested accused of selling drugs in Rodrigo Otavio Avenue

The criminal was being investigated for a few days.
08/07/2015 16h52 - Updated 8/07/2015 16h52
Photo: PC Release

Djefferson Crystian Pereira, 25, known as "Pine" was arrested, on the night of Tuesday (7), by officers of the 3rd District Integrated Police (DIP). The boy was being investigated for involvement in drug trafficking in the neighborhood Japiim, Sul.

According to the delegate holder of the 3rd DIP, Fernando Bezerra, the arrest took place after the receipt of anonymous complaints, stating that "Pine" marketed drugs in place. He was arrested on Avenida Rodrigo Otavio, minutes after being caught practicing the crime on public streets. "We set bell to observe the drive in place and found the unlawful practice", He informed the police authority.

Upon realizing the presence of police officers, Djefferson still would have tried to escape on a motorcycle CG 125, black color and NOJ-4210 board. According to the delegate Fernando Bezerra, the offender was intercepted on Avenida Rodrigo Otavio, after the motorcycle he was driving lean against the front wheel of the vehicle that the researchers were.
At the time of approach they were found with Djefferson 10 bundles of narcotic substance that looks like marijuana and R $ 308 in kind. Led police unit, he confessed, in testimony, I had more drugs in the house where he lived, located in the Alley of Raul Sampaio Japiim neighborhood.

"We went to his house and found the place 110 bundles of marijuana, hidden behind a television set. Investigations around this case will continue, because we suspect someone else, known as "Bruno Happiness", also plays a role in the sale of illicit substances in that part of town ", said Fernando Bezerra.

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