lava Jato: Graphic paid $ 870 thousand family of radio that wanted to hire Dirceu

The breach of bank secrecy revealed payments.
29/07/2015 11h27 - Updated 29/07/2015 11h27
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The breach of bank secrecy Editora Graphic Attitude, maintained by the unions of bank of Sao Paulo and the metalworkers of ABC (both linked to the PT), revealed payments to a radio Rothschild family Abreu, owner of a hotel in Brasilia (DF) which offered jobs to former minister José Dirceu (House Civil), convicted in the trial of the monthly allowance. The family also controls the party runt LWA.

The Federal Police report on the accounts attitude shows onlending 40.000 actual monthly, during 2010 e 2011, earth for Radio FM, one of the family of frequencies in São Paulo. The PF listed 22 payments 870.000 real to all – the first two were 35.000 each real. Attitude rented time on the radio grid, headquartered at Avenida Paulista, to serve a radio program with pro-government bias, the Brazil Current newspaper, that takes the same name as other publishing publications.

In 2013, after beginning to serve time in Papuda, Dirceu has filed for external work in court and presented a job offer as a former manager of the hotel Saint Peter, with salary 20.000 real. The former minister gave official employment when the National Journal, TV Globo, It revealed that the hotel was run by Truston International Inc., based in Panama, a tax haven, and had the company had an orange as president. The hotel Saint Peter closed its doors this year.

André Vargas
The financial intelligence report analyzed the PF shows a lot of expenses and revenues Attitude. According to PF, the publisher and graphic handled 67,7 million reais in the last five years.

Part of the funds came from the advertising agencies accounts that have contracts with the federal government and public enterprises. together, the Heads agencies, Artplan, New SB and Borghi Lowe paid 868.377,73 the real attitude. The four share an account of Caixa Econômica Federal, whose total value reaches 1 billion reais – half in 2014 and half in 2015. The PF investigating a kickback payment scheme to former deputy PT André Vargas in advertising contracts Caixa and the Ministry of Health. One of the defendants is former director of Borghi in Brasilia.

In breach of confidentiality, also appear deposits of companies controlled by the whistleblower Augusto Ribeiro de Mendonça, entrepreneur Setal Oil and Gas (SOG). Mendonca said he passed 2,4 million to attitude as a way to settle kickback combined with the former treasurer PT João Vaccari Neto. The treasurer denies. The administrator of the publisher, Paulo Salvador, He told the Court that the money banked materials paid interest of entrepreneur.


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