Luana Piovani rebate comment Internet users in social networks

The actress was nervous as it was Carolina Dieckmann.
08/07/2015 07h02 - Updated 7/07/2015 20h59
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Source: MSN

Luana Piovani drew attention, on Monday (6), when using the internet to rebut a comment made by an Internet user about his relationship with the actress Carolina Dieckmann.

No Instagram, one person said that “Carolina Dieckmann has nothing against” the artist. Soon, the blonde, who is pregnant with twins, answered, implying that they are not even friends.

“The fish dies by the mouth. M * spoke about that issue more seriously, I scratched at the time of book”, published in the social network.

For those who do not remember, Luana and Carolina debuted together on TV “Sex Appeal” (1993). However, in 2011 it became clear that the two had a feud, since the mother of Don did not hesitate to criticize the appearance of professional colleague, It was in the air “Fina Estampa”.

By the time the naked Dieckmann photos leaked on web, one year later, Piovani also did not skimp on the pinpricks on Twitter.

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