Amazon countertop majority in the House voted in favor of majority

Only six of the eight Amazonian parliamentarians were present in the plenary.
01/07/2015 10h23 - Updated 9/04/2016 12h14
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Four of the six federal Amazon deputies who were present at the vote on Amendment of the Constitution Proposal (PEC) Criminal Majority, early on Wednesday voted in favor of the proposal. Are they: Atila Lins (PSD), Pauderney Avelino (THE), Arthur Bisneto (PSDB), and Mark Rotta (PMDB), according to the orientation of their parties.

MPs Hissa Abraham (PPS) and Conception Sampaio (PP) They voted against the proposal. Already MPs Silas Câmara (PSD) and Alfredo Nascimento (PR) no recorded vote. The AM Post could not confirm whether they were present in the plenary for the vote, ending 1 am Wednesday.

The proposal was rejected by 303 votes in favor, when the minimum necessary were 308. Were 184 votes against and 3 abstentions.

The rejected proposal would reduce the 18 for 16 years the legal age for heinous crimes, such as rape, robbery and aggravated murder (when there are aggravating). The teenager in this age group could also be convicted of serious personal injury crimes or followed bodily injury of death and aggravated robbery (when there is use of a weapon or participation of two or more criminal, among other conditions). The original text, you can still go to vote, reduces to adulthood 16 in all cases.

The close decision - missed 5 votes to pass the proposal - was received with shouts by MPs and protesters galleries, who sang "Pula, Get off the floor, who is against the reduction "and other slogans. The session came to be suspended by the President of the House so that the galleries were emptied.

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