Manauara Shopping performs Game Party in the month of holidays

Event will have activities like exhibition games and cosplay contest.
16/07/2015 13h37 - Updated 16/07/2015 13h37
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this holiday, who visit the Manauara Shopping will have the opportunity to meet, review and to play more than 40 year evolution of video games in one place, durante a Manauara Game Party, event for gamers from Manaus, performed by the shopping center between days 17 July and 1 August, with the sponsorship of InfoStore and Amazon Print.

The attraction will feature five different spaces to the public: Video Games Museum, Space Free-play, Space Card Games, Space Just Dance and Games Arena. In addition to two actions: the Cosplay Contest and a talk with youtuber Angry. All spaces will have free access only the lecture will have a sympathetic ticket.
In the Video Games Museum, structure mounted on the floor Castanheiras, in front of the store Polishop, visitors will feel in a time warp, taken for years 70, 80 e 90, with the exhibition of classic devices of time that should thrill the old gamers, as Atari, Master System, Sega Saturno, Super Nintendo and the evolution of PlayStation.

"An interesting fact to note is how the games, despite modernizations, preserve the essence of the classics. This arouses the interest of the youngest in the old games and attracts large crowds. This was the main reason for choosing this type of event for the holidays ", explains the superintendent of Manauara Shopping, Rodrigo Galo.
Modern games will also have time during the event in space Free-play, which will be mounted on the floor Tucumã, with access from Avenue Journalist Umberto Calderaro Son. Here visitors can play for free some of the news from the gaming world, as PES and Naruto. For this one, 15 consoles will disponibilzados the public with PlayStation, Xbox, XBOx One, Wii, Wii U, among others.

Competitions and championships will gain even more strength in the Arena Games, also mounted on the floor Tucumã, next to the Riachuelo, which will feature computers and Playstation consoles to disputes between the players with cash prizes for the winners.

One of the most popular today's games, o Just Dance, will have its own stand at the Manauara Shopping holiday event. Is the floor Castanheiras, with access from Avenue Mario Ypiranga Monteiro, where participants can dance freely and free of charge to the rhythm of the most popular songs of the moment.
Not to leave anyone out of this mega holiday action, the Card Games fans will have an exclusive space, in Castanheiras floor, in front of the store Ramsons. There will have a counter for disputes card game Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh!

One of the most anticipated moments will be the cosplay contest, activity in which people characterize and interpret their favorite characters from anime (Japanese animation), mango (Japanese comics) or video games. This still on a date to be confirmed.

no day 30/07, held a lecture by youtuber "Angry", who will speak on games. He is known for making web videos with reviews, analogies and references to games. Besides that, since it began recording never revealed his identity. To participate in the event prior registration is necessary, along with the donation of a can of milk in more food 1kg powder that will go to a charity.
we videos, Angry appears with a mask of Guy Fawkes, popularized by the movie 'V for Vendetta'. With millions of views on YouTube, his videos are among the most popular in Brazil.

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