MP investigates irregularities in the collection of income values ​​for the Amazon Arena to visits

The investigation originated after a citizen report abuse via internet.
31/07/2015 13h08 - Updated 5/05/2016 03h46
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The prosecutor of Amazonas (MP-AM) will investigate possible irregularities in the procedure established by the Olympic Village Foundation to collect ticket values ​​for Arena Amazônia visits to, and see if there was damage to the public coffers due to lack of visiting public control.

The preparatory procedure for investigation is the No. 3083/2015 and it was published by decree in the Electronic Official Gazette of the Public Ministry, no last day 30 July.

The investigation originated after a citizen report via the Internet in the body of the page via the 'Online Complaint', the fact that "in the Manaus tourist trip, visited the Arena da Amazonia and found the lack of supply of receipt of the amounts paid by the visit, besides the fact of having a tour guide unlocking the entrance turnstile and all visitors passing without registration, allowing the diversion of money raised ".

The MP-AM highlights in the publication that proven irregularity, the fact you can set up as an act of improper conduct – illegal or act contrary to the basic principles of public administration, committed by a public official, during the exercise of public function or arising from this - that causes damage to the Exchequer and illicit enrichment, and offense to the principles governing public administration according to the Federal Constitution.

Also according to the ordinance, the Olympic Village Foundation will have to make available to the ministerial body copy of the act that established the amounts collected as entrance to the Amazon Arena to visits; copy of the collection of receipts with specific activity, the date of its establishment, as well as detailing the collection process, from the box office and the personnel file of the server responsible for the control of said storage and servers at work at the box office.

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