Musa fitness is “unmasked” by specialized profile to find images of issues

24/07/2015 17h48 - Updated 24/07/2015 18h00
Photo: Globe

Everyone knows that the muse fitness Gabriela Pugliesi loves disclose many details of his life in his official account on Instagram - recently, the famous strolled the Greek islands and left us totally jealous.

However, not everything is on the trip: during the ride, his friend Raul Aragon took a beautiful photo next muse to the sea and released the photo on his Instagram account - Gabriela was there and released the same photo, but slightly altered. BOOM! He was caught using Photoshop.

The Instagram Farces Photoshop page compared the photo published by Muse fitness and his friend and found: Gabriela Pugliesi used image editing before you publish it on your profile.

Source: See São Paulo

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