Federal Police and Interpol trigger operation against gang of hackers

The criminals were active in eighteen countries, including Brazil.
14/07/2015 14h13 - Updated 14/07/2015 14h13
Photo: Federal Police / SEE)

Interpol sparked on Tuesday to Darkode operation against a gang of 62 hackers who worked in more than eighteen countries, including Brazil. With support from the FBI and Europol, the Federal Police made inquiries in the cities of Goiânia (GO) and Belo Horizonte (MG). According to PF, this is the largest international cooperation operation of the cyber area. The PF served two search warrants issued by the 11th Federal Court in Belo Horizonte and even tries to take a suspect by forceful presentation.

The Darkode name comes from a closed hackers virtual forum created in 2007 to gather cyber criminals. No site, hackers traded guests credit card data, credentials, Bank accounts, computing vulnerabilities and email lists to facilitate crimes on the web. The forum is private and has an area of ​​public posts and a messaging system to facilitate the exchange of information between hackers.

No Brasil, investigations started in March and led to the identification of specialized hackers in Darkode forum, including the owner of the most active botnet in the country – a network of computers infected with software that automates activities without the user noticing. He rented by 25.000 actual monthly a complete virtual platform to defraud bank transactions on the Internet. Criminals used a biometric security firm facade and hired programmers to develop fraudulent system.

If they reported, they will answer for conspiracy and robbery by fraud, among other crimes. They face up to eleven years of imprisonment.

According to the PF, the operation was also initiated in Israel, Germany, United Kingdom, Bosnia, Serbia, India, Sweden, Denmark, Colombia and Romania, where sixteen people were arrested. The operation involved police officers from the Enforcement Service of the PF Cybercrime and Cyber ​​Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Source: Veja.com

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