Voluntary Delivery Points move over 30 tonnes of waste per month

In the capital there are four Voluntary Delivery Points (PEVs).
24/07/2015 15h30 - Updated 24/07/2015 15h30
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More of 30 tons of recyclable materials are collected per month in the four Voluntary Delivery Points (PEVs) maintained by the Manaus City Hall. Under the coordination of the Municipal Urban Cleaning (Semulsp), the PEVs mobilize the selective collection of office teams and benefit four associations, representing over 90 collectors.

Created to serve as a collection point for the people separating their household waste for recycling waste, the PEVs have direct connection with the collectors who won, thereby, one more source material.

"The delivery points have a very important social function, therefore encourage the nearest population point to separate their trash and take a more proper reuse ", said Adriano Rodrigues, Community Liaison agent Semulsp. currently, PEV located in Don Pedro has been the most efficient, getting over 17 tons per month.

The Semulsp cut once a week waste collected by PEVs and delivery to collectors connected to the associations involved in this category of selective collection.

In addition to encouraging people to separate recyclables (plastic containers, pet bottles, paper, cardboard and metals) organic (leftovers), the presence of PEVs also is a source of more waste to associations and cooperatives of collectors that directly depend on the generation of waste. "The collectors are, today, organized as category, with a humanized work and well accepted by the population. It is important that contact of the population with the groomer. This is starting to generate a new vision of waste disposal. What is very positive for the city ", assessed the Municipal Secretary of Urban Cleaning, Paulo Farias.

Selective collect
Working in two models: collecting door to door and by voluntary surrender by PEVs, the service has collected 5.589 tons accumulated in the 1st half of this year. Regarding the selective collection door to door, They were collected 358 tonnes in the first half of 2015, with the average collected by the same route 1,1 tons.

The Semulsp maintains four PEVs (Voluntary Delivery Points) In Manaus. The spaces serve to receive recyclable waste separated by the population. Are they:

– Parque do Mindu: partnership with Eco Recycle
– of Billiards Park: partnership with Calm
– Pond Japiim: partnership with the Waste and Citizenship
– Don Pedro - partnership with Arpa

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