Hall opens bidding for recovery 67 streets and avenues of Manaus

The section corresponds to 137 kilometers works.
28/07/2015 16h04 - Updated 28/07/2015 16h06
Photo: Mario Oliveira

Four lots of works to the total resurfacing 67 road corridors will be tendered by the Manaus City Hall in the next 30 days. Altogether there are eight lots divided into two phases, that will lead to improvements over 120 and various 137 kilometers works.

In the first phase they are already scheduled major corridors of the city as the streets Ramos Ferreira and Leonardo Malcher, no Center; Mirra and Hilário Gurjão avenues, no Jorge Teixeira; Tefé and Costa e Silva (old Silves), in Cachoeirinha; Presidente Kennedy, not Educandos, and Rodrigo Otávio, in Corado.

lots 1, 6 e 8 which comprises 55 East regions of the various, West and South will be auctioned in the days 30 e 31 this month. But the plot 3 It will be auctioned on 21 of August. It covers the northern area with concentrated work in 12 roads located in the New Town neighborhoods, Colonia San Antonio and New Aleixo. Among them are the Timbiras avenues and Noel Nutels.

Companies interested in running the event should send their proposals to the Municipal Licensing Committee of Manaus City Hall, located on St. Louis Street, n° 416, Adrianople neighborhood.

According to the Secretary of Public Works of the Municipal
Infrastructure (Seminf), Antônio Nelson, the roads that make up lots of works will receive an asphalt layer tougher, due to the large flow of vehicles receiving. The service includes milling – which consists in the removal of the old pavement layer – for application of a new layer of asphalt with the asphalt concrete Warm (CBUQ), leading to a uniform and durable flooring.

The routes will receive, still, an enhanced service base. “We will do a very similar job to run in the Cup in quad 2013/2014, where specific problems identified in the base and sub-base and both will act in the treatment of these areas making the exchange and recycling of these layers providing greater strength and durability in the top layer, called asphalt cover”, Explain.

The road works package this summer will be executed with funds of an agreement being reached between the Manaus City Hall and the Government of Amazonas.

"Initially they will be transferred R $ 60 million and is expected an investment of over R $ is done 40 millions. In the first half already benefit six thousand streets with resurfacing services and stop-gap. Now, our fronts works will be expanded, attacking runners road day and night ", He explained Antônio Peixoto, Secretary of municipal services Basic.

The winning company will perform works and pavement recovery services, landscaping, asphalt resurfacing, Drainage and complementary works. The works will begin after the conclusion of the event and will be supervised by Seminf.

covered roads

Bidding will be of type 'Cheapest’ under the indirect enforcement regime. lot 1 includes the Tancredo Neves neighborhoods, Jorge Teixeira, St. Joseph, Gilberto Mestrinho and New Kingdom, in the east. This area will be recapped the streets Sapucaia, Krajuru, Barreirinha, Antônio Matias, Villar Fiuza, angelim, A, C, of Poppies, Mineral, Quartz, Amazonino Mendes, Jarbas Passarinho, Aratituba, good Intent, 12, 10-k, 09, Marginal A, Pinheiros, Onyx, Stained stones, Venezuela, Iraq and Democracy, beyond the Perimeter avenues, Batrun, 25 from December, Q, D and Myrrh.

The consignment 6 the Jerônimo Ribeiro streets, White River, Virgilio Ramos, 05 of September, Alexandre Amorim, 10 July, and the avenues Father Augustin Caballero, Ramos Ferreira and Costa e Silva, located in the West and South Central zones.

Still in the south-central, or lot 8 encompasses the neighborhoods of Liberty Hill, Bethany, Cachoeirinha, Aleixo, Crespo, Santa Luzia, Center Square 14. The resurfacing will run on the streets Tapajós, St. Benedict, White and Silva, Leopoldo Neves, Peter and Souza, Piauí, New avenues and in President Kennedy, Rodrigo Otavio, It Adalberto, Tefé, Tarumã and Leonardo Malcher.

The next batch to be auctioned is the number 3 covering 12 North of the various. The streets Mount Horeb, Ride, St. Mark, Sao Luiz, da Saudade, João Câmara, 192, 74, 27 and D avenues, Timbiras and Noel Nutels will be covered.

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