Purity Seal 100% buffalo evaluates 17 marks not Brazil mozzarellas

Mozzarella with cow's milk is sold like buffalo, point made by UFMG.
16/07/2015 12h28 - Updated 16/07/2015 12h28
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It is easier for the consumer to identify the real buffalo mozzarella on the shelves. Produced with purity of rigor in Italy, unmixed with cow's milk, This type of cheese is still adulterated by some brands in the country, Add large amount of cow's milk for the manufacture of products.

In this way, The crude products are sold in supermarkets, without the correct information on the label, what a consumer law. Impure mozzarellas also go to restaurants, buying cheese mixed by being cheaper and report on their menus that is “buffalo”.

“The mixture of buffalo milk with cow's milk in the cheese composition is not prohibited, but it should be indicated on the product label”, says the coordinator of the work of the Purity Seal of ABCB, Maria Cecilia Almeida Prado.

Mozzarellas made solely with buffalo milk, without the addition of cow's milk and other substances, receive the Purity Seal 100% Buffalo, the Brazilian Association of Buffalo Breeders (ABCB). O Institute whole, certification body, It is responsible for managing, coordination and supervision of Purity Program.

DNA tests conducted by the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), based on samples collected by Totum, show that, from 17 brands, eight brands meet the standard of purity established by Standard Seal Technique.

See the eight brands considered pure:

good Destination, Buffalos Almeida Prado, Bufalíssima Natal, buffalo D'Oeste, Gold buffalo, Di Bufalo, resort Alambari, He will see her.

Nine brands were rejected in the qualification tests, and some use in its composition over 50% Cow milk, omitting this information on their labels. Check reproved brands:

White milk - 50% Cow milk; Brava – 10% Cow milk; Bufalat - 100% Cow milk; Buffa – 5% Cow milk; The Bufalina - 70% Cow milk; nacon - 1% Cow milk; Vitalatte - 5% Cow milk; yolk - 93% Cow milk; Montezuma – 30% Cow milk.

The ABCB advises that consumers look for brands that have the Purity Seal 100% Buffalo in their packaging.

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