murder suspect arrested in the East

“Romarinho” He is accused of killing a man in May this year.
03/07/2015 14h47 - Updated 3/07/2015 14h47
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The young Robson da Silva Martins, O “Romarinho”, He was arrested on the afternoon of Wednesday (1º), street Tambaqui, in the 2nd stage of the Jorge Teixeira neighborhood, in the east of Manaus. According to the Civil Police, the arrest was pursuant to warrant probation for aggravated murder.

"Romarinho" is named as the author of the murder of Francisco Ricardo dos Santos Barros, 33, in the early hours of the day 16 of May, in the 4th stage of the same neighborhood where he was arrested. The warrant that resulted in his arrest was issued on 28 from May of 2015, by Anésio Rocha Pinheiro judge, 2nd jury Stick.

During a press conference this morning, 3, O Delgado Titulr Dr. Dehs, Ivo Martins, He talked about the research work that resulted in the arrest of "Romarinho".

"On the day of murder, Robson was in a bar since at 20h. Around half past midnight, some people reported that Francis was on public streets, with a knife, looking for him. Robson went to his residence and also armed with a knife like "fishwife". Returning Street, he found the victim and struck a knife on her neck, who died on the spot ", said Martins.

Martins said that "Romarinho" claimed, during testimony, Francis wanted to kill him because he murdered, in 2012, his stepfather, identified as Rodrigo Cerdeira Valley, by a related debt to drug trafficking. On the occasion of Rodrigo murder, "Romarinho" was a teenager and was seized and taken to the police station specialized in calculations of Acts infractional (Deaai).

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