Trio arrested over 4 kilograms of drugs in the south of Manaus

The criminals were being investigated for two months, after anonymous complaints.
30/07/2015 09h40 - Updated 30/07/2015 09h40
Photo: PC Release

Researchers who make up the team "Revelation" the 3rd District Integrated Police (DIP) arrested on Wednesday, day 29, por volta the 10:40, three youths involved in drug trafficking in the southern part of the city. A teenager 17 years was seized during the action. With them, the police officers found about 4,5 kg of narcotics.

The incident occurred in St. John Alley, located at Rua Aloisio Brazil, set Japiinlândia, Japiim neighborhood, Sul, under the coordination of the holder delegate of the 3rd DIP, Fernando Bezerra, and had the support of crowded servers in the 1st South Sectional.

Daniel Neves Pereira, 24; Erisson Moreira de Souza, 18; Breno Golden Axe, 19; and adolescents were surprised when they were at the residence of boy 17 years, where illicit material was seized.

According to the delegate Fernando Bezerra, the band was being investigated for approximately two and a half months, after receiving anonymous reports, informing the marketing of drugs near a school public school system that the capital region.

"Over the investigations we found a large movement of people near the teen's home, which is near the school. We set bell on site and we make the striking this morning ", said the police authority.

During magazine found inside the building about 4,5 kilograms of drugs with marijuana characteristics of type skunk, cocaine base paste and cocaine, and R $ 689 in kind. We are four cameras that were used to monitor the residence, two radio communicators, two masks, a precision balance, one caliber ammunition .40, one firearm charger, a notebook containing the accounts of drug and material that was used to manufacture the drug and lulling.

"The house belongs to teen parents. They were not in place at the time of the seizures. Later they will be heard in the police investigation brought here by the police ", said Fernando Bezerra.

As or delegate, the quartet is also investigated for participating in robberies in the area. "We have reports from people who claim to have been victims of robberies here in the south. They confirm that offenders would be using masks with the same characteristics as those that were seized today ", said.

Daniel, Erisson and Breno were sued in the act of drug trafficking, association for drug trafficking, corruption of minors and illegal possession of restricted ammunition. At the end of the legal proceedings they should be submitted to Jailhouse Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, which will be available to the Justice. The teenager will be driven to the police station specialized in Determination of Acts infractional (Deaai).

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