After publishing photos of nannies on Instagram, Fernanda Lima is criticized

The presenter posted a picture of the maids without uniform
04/08/2015 09h16 - Updated 4/08/2015 09h16
Photo: reproduction

The controversy of time on social networks took place in Instagram Fernanda Lima. The presenter “SuperStar”, that is detached and exchanging caresses lives with her husband and children, He was accused of racism to post a picture of John nannies and Francisco on the afternoon of Monday (04). “Here at home does not have this dressed in white nanny!”, He wrote the artist in the photo caption that shows Angela Dias and Dias Tayane without uniform.

Photo: reproduction (Instagram)

Photo: reproduction (Instagram)

It did not take long for the negative comments arise, although many followers praising attitude of the actress, that does not impose a specific dress to employees. A netizen even accused Rodrigo Hilbert woman of racism: “The saddest thing in this country is not the fact that they were dressed in white or not, is that whenever we see the past slaveholding this kind of photo, white sinhá talking 'look, my black do not live in the slave quarters, are the house '. You can even handle well, but unfortunately they will always be the nannies and sinhá always be the good girl, Princess Isabel type. One day, in this, country we will still see black people in power and not only underlings like this photo”.

The presenter – used to embarrassing situations to face hairy questions from children – and countered the attacks showing waist game: “Honey, these girls are daughters of a great friend and not working. When I had my boys, I called her asking if they wanted a chance to work because I was willing to teach, since they drew, although difficult, the nanny profession can be very profitable. Since then they live with our family, We eat at the same table, We talked and exchanged confidences as friends and even the remunero well. No complaints, or crises by anyone. Good afternoon to you too”.

The artist wanted to make clear that the photo it was not a racist practice and completed: “I'm kind of tired of these discussions and hallucinated network text interpretations. And I support the alternation of power. It would be wonderful a black president. At least we agree at some point”. Lastly, gaucho, that squandered looks beautiful in musical reality Globe, He came out on top and was praised by other followers: “Funny people who criticize are the most racist… You are most certain, Fernanda! Do not shake the wrong”.

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