Construction companies that leave Angra 3 suffer penalties, alert Minister Eduardo Braga

The Minister of Mines and Energy said, still, what is “weird” that companies are abandoning the works
13/08/2015 17h34 - Updated 5/05/2016 03h43
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The Mines and Energy Minister, Eduardo Braga, said on Thursday that “is weird” that construction companies are abandoning the work at the nuclear plant Angra 3 and warned that they will face penalties for not fulfilling the contract.

The Odebrecht construction, Queiroz Galvao and Camargo Correa said on Wednesday asked to leave a consortium responsible for the assembly of the plant due to delays in payments by Eletronuclear, subsidiary of Eletrobras.

The project companies output occurs at a time when Eletronuclear and the companies themselves who declared withdrawal are being investigated by Operation Lava Jato, investigating a corruption scandal in Brazil.

The consortium Angramon, hired by 2,9 billion reais in values ​​February 2013, still have as members Andrade Gutierrez and UTC Engenharia, who declined to comment, and EBE and Techint not talked about it immediately.

The expert partner in office energy Demarest Lawyers, Raphael Gomes, He said it is common for contracts to large enterprises have clauses that establish the consequences of a possible default of the contractor.

“You have to look at the contract, but usually there are clauses that allow leave. This part, usually, It is very well detailed in the contract, the clauses that provide for certain time without unjustified payments may stop the work. as a rule, in a work of this size, hardly would not have it”, pointed Gomes.

The lawyer, However, He said that the output of a consortium companies is no longer so common. “This is already a more borderline situation. It's hard to know if this (payment delay over clause) It is in agreement or not”, said. Wanted, Angramon the consortium informed, through the press office, the contract has confidentiality clause and would not comment on any individual decisions of group companies.

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