Tipped to apply for mayor of São Paulo, Datena if desfilia PT

in a statement, PT says the journalist will not miss the party
26/08/2015 20h06 - Updated 26/08/2015 20h45
Photo: Fernando Moraes / Veja São Paulo

The presenter José Luiz Datena, tipped to run for mayor of São Paulo, if desfiliou Workers Party (PT). According to Councilman Jorge Parada, President of the municipal directory acronym in Ribeirao Preto (SP), the journalist filed the request a few days ago.

In a statement published by PT city agency, Parada said that the journalist will not miss the party. "He has another thought, other conduct, never attended party meetings ", He said in a statement. Until now, Datena was not found by the report.

The presenter of TV Bandeirantes should apply to municipal elections 2016 the Progressive Party (PP). The option, However, It is not seen with unanimity within the acronym. One day after the announcement, Congressman, Paulo Maluf (PP-SP), He opposed the candidacy of journalist.

“We have to have a minimum of coherence, and I am a consistent man. If elected Mayor Fernando Haddad (PT), we must give him the right to dispute a second term”, He said at the time. In response, Datena said he would never do a deal with Maluf.

Until recently, However, the presenter himself was not comfortable with the idea of ​​someday compete in an election. Just over a year, Datena stated in his "Urgent Brazil" program that would never be a candidate for public office.

Disgusted with the elderly images in deplorable conditions in a city hospital, he said “That's why I do not want and will never be political. For I have no stomach. I would be ashamed to see a problem and can not solve”.

In 2012, in an interview with journalist Mauricio Stycer, the UOL, Datena said he considered “unfair” a communicator use his public image to win votes in politics. “I'm a crap as administrator”, he said. “I can comment on a subject well, but it would be a bad political, I would not have any ability to be a good politician”.

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