Crisis in Venezuela: Sinamaica population plunders trucks with food

after looting, protesters tried to set fire to the town hall
06/08/2015 08h50 - Updated 6/08/2015 08h50
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At least two trucks carrying food in the city of Sinamaica, in northwestern Venezuela and near the border with Colombia, They were looted by a group of people, informs on Thursday the local press. The incident took place late on Wednesday and, after the trucks were looted, demonstrators were protesting in front of City Hall and tried to set fire to the building.

According to the local newspaper Panorama, city ​​spokesmen reported that five offices were damaged, but no one was injured. The newspaper El Nacional, one of the few national dailies following making a critical coverage of Chavismo, reports that serve the two food transport trucks happened as a protest measure “against shortages and food rationing” plaguing the city, who lives in “deplorable conditions, going several days without electricity and no internet connection”.

The official authorities have not commented on these new disorders. It is not the first time that the population revolts by speech food. Since last month, Similar events took place in other locations in Venezuela and, an opportunity, a man of 21 years was killed in the city of San Felix, in the Southeast, in 31 July. Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, He said the same day that the death of this young man was an event “planned” run by “right maltreated” what, according to him, receives US orders.

Venezuela is going through a severe economic crisis with shortages of basic products, inflation out of control and abrupt loss of population purchasing power. The main criticisms of the opposition side depart from the alliance party the Democratic Unity Table (MUD), which called for 8 an August “national day of protest against hunger, organized crime and freedom”. During the last year, Venezuela has experienced frequent cycles of scarcity and shortages, which caused long lines in stores, with people mainly competing food products and toiletries.


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